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The MagShoe is a universal, ergonomic cold shoe bracket you can operate with one hand. Just slide in your flash, turn the lock 90 degrees and you’re golden. It’s a must-have for any photographer who wants to work faster, easier and awesome-er.

Look, Ma! One Hand.

The MagShoe takes the cold shoe body from basic to baller with its universal compatibility, ergonomic shape, and one-handed operation.

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James Parish - James Parish Photography

Best Purchase this Year!!

I just got my MagShoe (03/14/2019) and I am already ordering 3 more. In one night my ability to adjust my light on the stand has saved me time and ease. To simply squeeze the handle and tilt my light was cool and easy. If you have any screwable hinges...GET RID of THEM NOW!!.. and.get the Magshoe. Its a reason why they cant keep them in stock...They Actually Work! james Parish Photography

Nicole Chan


I have ordered a dozen "Flash Cold Mount Shoe Bracket" in the 10 years that I've been shooting full-time. I always either lose a screw, or the metal piece that I slide the cold shoe into will come lose and my flash hits the ground. It's all around frustrating. I got the MagShoe with the whole MagBox kit, and this piece alone makes my life so much easier. It's extremely well designed. Tilting my flashes now won't give me a small panic attack because I know my flash is secure. LOVE THIS PRODUCT.


Super useful!

Extremely well designed and the trigger and adjustment options are great! Tilting vertically with one or two speed lights attached to an OCTA are easily done. It snaps and locks into place easily. Sometimes you have to use two hands to help position the lighting exactly where you want it, but this is easily performed. The shoe twist-ring works well to lock down your speed light, AD200 or light box. I'll be ordering another when they are officially back in stock, I received mine with an OCTA kit.

One Big, Happy Family

MagBox products integrate seamlessly with the rest of your MagMod gear. So go ahead and try things you've never tried before: stack up rigid gels, stack multiple modifiers or switch deftly back and forth between large and small light sources. Nailing the perfect image—and knowing you can do it quickly and easily without fail—unlocks a whole new world of creative confidence.

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The MagMod Satisfaction Guarantee

MagMod is backed up with a no-nonsense 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you do not enjoy your purchase, please return it in its original condition for a full refund.

MagMod is also covered by a Limited Warranty.