Collection: Video with MagBox

  • MagBox 24" Octa Starter Kit $289.95 Sold out
    37 reviews

    This kit outfits you with the 3 core products you need...

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  • MagBox Gels $59.95
    25 reviews

    This set of 8 rigid polycarbonate gels makes color correction...

  • 35 reviews

    With a MagBox Speedring Adapter for your Bowens, Paul C....

  • MagGrip $24.95 Sold out
    132 reviews

    The revolutionary MagGrip harnesses the powers of magnetism to provide a...

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  • MagBox 24" Octa Pro Kit $499.95 Sold out
    60 reviews

    This is the ultimate kit for busy photographers. Get the maximum...

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