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Creating Natural Light With Flash Bundle

Creating Natural Light With Flash Bundle

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  • Two Kits, One Game-Changing Bundle
  • Ideal for Outdoor Engagement & Portrait Sessions
  • Subtle Flash for Next-Level Natural Shots
  • Capture Sun-Kissed Shots with Correction Gels
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This product is ideal for:
  • Portraits
  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Studios
  • Professionals
  • Beginners & Hobbyists
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Product Details

What's Included

Creating Natural Light With Flash Bundle - MagnetMod
  • 1 x MagGrip 2

    Our patented magnetic grip forms the base of the MagMod system.

  • 1 x MagSphere 2

    Instantly transforms your flash into a beautifully diffused, omnidirectional light source.

  • 1 x MagGrid 2

    Control where your light goes with this virtually indestructible silicone grid

  • 1 x MagBounce 2

    The ultimate bounce modifier for photographers who demand simplicity, functionality, and stunning results

  • 1 x Pro Correction Gels

    Our rigid, polycarbonate, magnetic correction gels. They are the fastest, easiest, and most versatile gel system available for photographers today.

  • 1 x MagRing 2

    Magnetic speedring attaches larger modifiers to smaller hot-shoe flashes.

  • 1 x MagShoe 2

    A universal, ergonomic cold shoe bracket you can operate with one hand.

  • 1 x MagSphere XL

    Instantly transforms your flash into a lantern-style, omnidirectional diffused light source for the MagMod XL system with unparalleled light quality, durability and extreme portability.

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