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Transmitter Band 3-Pack

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Never leave a flash without one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes you can!  PayPal is one of two options you can currently use to complete your purchase at checkout.  If you have selected PayPal as your preferred method of payment, upon check out you will be redirected to PayPal’s secure site to finalize your transaction.

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What is the Transmitter Band?

The MagMod Transmitter Band is an simple device used to quickly attach a radio trigger to your flash!  You no longer need velcro or adhesives to mount your radio triggers securely to your flash

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Free Shipping is available for every order shipped to a USA address that is over $100.  Thats it!  If you have not yet reached our Free Shipping cut-off, the shopping cart will inform you if you need to purchase more MagMod swag in order to qualify for free shipping.

9 reviews
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Sean DeWitt

The best solution to keeping your receiver close to your flash.

Brendan Beavers

I know these are transmitter bands – but they are so much more. Using Canon 600-RTs there usefulness was not immediately apparent, but their flexibility has ended themselves to so many other uses. Goodbye gaffers tape and hello transmitter bands!

Trenell Moses

This is a great addition to my bag. Its one of those things that you don’t realize you would use as much as you do until it’s in your hands.

My two main use’s have been to either hold my remote flash trigger to control the power levels of my kicker lights during receptions or to hold my remote shutter trigger to fire off my 3rd body that’s on a tripod no where near me. Best of all the band allow you to place it to the front/back or side of the on-camera flash letting you do the job without being limited to snagging cables or unprofessional looking tape.

Derek Cookson

Even though I run with the radio-controlled Canon 600 RT flashes now, every now and then I have a need for throwing a pocketwizard on them still. THIS band fits perfectly. No more velcro, no more rubber bands…these black bands are a perfect companion with your flashes and a transmitter. It’s essentially a professional looking rubber band, so don’t expect a life changing moment, but in the world of weddings, I appreciate a little extra polish over looking like I frankenstein’ed something together.

Sheri Johnson

the transmitter bands are very nice regardless of which transmitters you use them with. I learned right away how to attach mine even though they are smaller. These bands are much more attractive than any other way you might try to attach your transmitters. I used to just use rubber bands, not attractive at all, but it worked. I waited until the black bands were available since I didn’t want orange bands. I wanted something sleek and ninja like, as soon as the black bands were available, I ordered some and I do love them. I was able to get all those ugly rubberbands off of my flash units and adorn them with mag mod bands. 🙂

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