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Eric McCallister
Somersworth, NH


I began my photography career shooting rock climbers scaling cliffs throughout the U.S. By combining my passion for adventure with my love of art and design, I very quickly became obsessed with creating images that were not only “pretty” but conveyed a sense of “being there” and of the emotions felt by my subjects. Seeing and capturing fleeting moments from behind a lens proved to be a powerful addiction which led me to portraiture and wedding photography. On the wedding
day, I strive to create images of a couple that show the spectrum of emotions felt on one of the most important days of their lives.”

Eric McCallister is a wedding and commercial photographer living near the seacoast of New Hampshire with his wife Rebecca, daughter Abigail, son Colin and their two rescue dogs Katie and Polly.

Why Eric McCallister Loves MagMod

Before MagMod, I moved slower and with less light control. I wrestled with and broke soft boxes, tore expensive grids, and chased light stands in the wind. While these tools still have their place, in my day-to-day shooting, a stack of MagMod kit is all I need in my bag.

There has never been a shortage of gadgety light modifiers that all pretty much did one thing well and a lot of things poorly. What MagMod has done for me is provided me with a modular system that can be configured to do a lot of things VERY well, all in a fast to use and easy to carry format.

I now work faster and with more precision. The ability to mix and match MagMod modifiers yields many options for light control, and all fit in my shoulder bag. It's event photography bliss!

Favorite MagMod Modifier