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Jason & Joanne Marino
Kingman, AZ & Las Vegas


Lovers of street food, creepy alleyways, challenging photographic situations, and shopping malls everywhere; we are Jo and Jason Marino of Imagine Photography. We photograph weddings and portraits, and do so with an editorial feel to our work, but always put a focus on great moments and documenting a wedding as it happens. We are killer wedding photographers for chic, modern couples.

Why Jason & Joanne Marino Loves MagMod

MagMod has given us one solution that works across any platform we choose to use. The mods are interchangeable, sturdy, and they give us the confidence to go out and create without worry. We are huge speedlite shooters, and being able to conveniently shape, tone and control light gives us power like we've never had. With MagMod, we can go zero to kick-ass in 2.6 seconds!

Favorite MagMod Modifier