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I love how convenient MagMod is to just slap a modifier on when I need it. It’s made my transition into using off camera lighting easier and more exciting!

Jete Devisser

Finally! For ten years I have been looking for a flash modifier solution that is reliable and easy to install. The MagMod system is all those things and more.

Sergio Photographer

Before MagMod I struggled to accurately control the direction and quality of light output from my speedlights.

Thanks to MagMod, I’m able to work faster, travel lighter, and tackle more complex and creative lighting setups with confidence.

Andy Davison

With MagMod, it’s much easier to get the right tool ready quickly, or swap to different modifiers to experiment, with no fear of them falling off. MagMod took this from being awkward to being a delight.

Sean McCormack

MagMod has changed the way we shoot. Not only has it allowed us to explore many more options than before, but it’s way faster and easier than ever to shape our light.

Tony Hoffer

MagMod products have helped me shoot more creatively. The options I have with the grids, gels, and other modifiers are incredible. I can much more easily execute my vision and I know I can rely on my gear.

Matt Corkum

With MagMod, I have the versatility to move quickly and change the modifiers much faster than with any other system – allowing me to make the most of a wedding day time crunch. With how easy it is to change a modifier, I’m feeling more inspired to play and create unique art for my clients!

Breanna Shaw

MagMod is just a God-sent flash modifier for me! From minutes of setups with conventional modifiers, to just under 3 seconds with MagMod.

Kenn Foo

I am more confident with my lighting and the control I have over it. MagMod is more precise and the light quality has increased dramatically. I now use MagMod system at every wedding all throughout the day.

Devin Robinson

We are huge speedlight shooters, and being able to conveniently shape, tone, and control light gives us power like we’ve never had. With MagMod, we can go zero to kickass in 2.6 seconds!

Jason Marino