Advanced Gels - MagnetMod
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Balancing your flash's color temperature has never been easier thanks...

Artistic Gels - MagnetMod
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MagMod's Artistic Gels add a dramatic pop of color to...

Control Kit - MagnetMod
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Capture cleaner and more consistent photographs with MagMod's Control Kit. Our...

Creative Gels - MagnetMod
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MagMod's Creative Gels add a dramatic pop of color to...

MagBeam Kit - MagnetMod
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Epic landscape shots, creative portraits and a world of unique creative...

MagBeam Tele Lens - MagnetMod
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The MagBeam Tele Lens gives you super-focused light with a hard...

MagBeam Wide Lens - MagnetMod
MagBeam Wide Lens $19.95
1 review

The MagBeam’s collapsible design isn’t just for portability. Collapse it...

MagBeam Wildlife Kit - MagnetMod
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Extend the range and power of your speedlight with the MagBeam...

MagBounce - MagnetMod
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The MagBounce is a gorgeous bounce modifier that has been...

MagBox 24" Octa - MagnetMod
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With time-saving features like a simple setup, integrated gel slot, magnetic...

MagBox 24" Octa FocusDiffuser - MagnetMod
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The FocusDiffuser offers a whole new way to modify your softbox....

MagBox 24" Octa Pro Kit - MagnetMod
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This is the ultimate kit for busy photographers. Get the maximum...