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We make awesome photography easy


Our mission is to make awesome photography easy, by making tools that get out of the way of being more creative.

We believe photographers can better improve their craft when technology is no longer a mental barrier to feeling, seeing, and expressing.  Photography comes from the heart, and behind every magical photograph is a perfect symphony where art and technology become one.

How MagMod was born


In April 2013, Spencer Boerup woke up one morning (after shooting a long wedding) with an idea of gelling flashes instantaneously.  After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (and money!), Spencer began prototyping his ideas for MagMod.  After multiple rounds of tweaks and tests, he launched MagMod (with the MagGrip, MagGel, and MagGrid) on Kickstarter to raise funding for mass development.

MagMod reached its $35,000 Kickstarter funding goal in less than 5 hours, and completely obliterated this goal by raising over $210,000 in 30 days.  MagMod was officially born, and ever since then we’ve been developing new products and expanding the company.

On our one-year anniversary in October 2014, we launched our latest products on Kickstarter, introducing the MagSphere, MagBounce, and MagSnoot.  Again, photographers responded in droves and helped us raise over $310,000 in 30 days with enthusiastic fans in over 90 different countries.  Since 2013, MagMod is widely accepted by photographers worldwide as the fastest, easiest, simplest, and strongest speedlite modifier system ever created.

Team MagMod

  • Spencer

    Spencer invented MagMod thanks to a long and highly successful career as a wedding and portrait photographer in Tucson, AZ.  He currently manages the progress and development for the future of MagMod and its many anticipated products.  While photography is something he is passionate about, his primary and most important role is at home as a husband and father to 2 adorable daughters. Spencer is a serious car enthusiast, loves spontaneous road trips, and enjoys serving others in his community and church. He could easily be voted as “most likely to appear on Shark Tank someday” if such a poll were to exist.

  • Travis

    Travis is in charge of making operations run smooth and progressing as the MagMod Operations Leader.  He is our resident “old guy”, but could also easily pass as the oldest kid in the group.  It’s safe to say that if there was anyone on this planet that should be sent as a peaceful ambassador to an invading alien army, Travis would be your guy.  Travis enjoys spending time with his family, especially as a youth basketball coach where his son is one of the star players.  He is also an accomplished photographer, having shot hundreds of weddings and portrait sessions in Tucson and abroad.  His former professional life involved being a SCUBA instructor, which gives him the undisputed record for most-traveled member of MagMod.

  • Trevor

    Trevor is our Supply Chain Manager. He can do just about everything. Seriously. He’s like a walking Swiss Army Knife.  Every team wishes they had a Trevor.  From managing inventory, logistics, supply chain, trade shows, and everything in between, Trevor is the go-to guy at MagMod for just getting things done.  Trevor is also a talented photographer himself and has some incredible stories, and loves sharing them. Even though he is partially color-blind, he still cranks out some impressive photography. Trevor and his wife just welcomed their first child to their family in January 2016.

  • JJ

    JJ is awesome and leads our Growth Team.  If you ever need help, JJ is your guy. As a former full-time Youtuber, hes the dude behind a lot of the MagMod videos, as well as being super involved in our MagMod Community.  JJ thinks that “MagMod is the best place to work, EVER!”, and having held the most number of jobs than any other MagMod member (combined), we know it must be certifiable truth.  JJ and his wife are both native Tucson residents, where he has worked with Travis as a second-shooter, and runs his own wedding videography business on the side. He and his wife just welcomed their first child in July 2016.

  • Kendle

    Kendle is our Customer Success Superhero, and she’s pretty awesome at it.  She loves making people happy, and hopes she can leave everyone with a smile.  As a local Tucson native, Kendle assisted Spencer for years on various different photoshoots, is an incredible aunt (so we’re told), and holds a degree in Fine Arts. She has an incredible talent, and a budding business, as a cake artist. Seriously, she could be on a TV show for this, and would win everything.

  • Timothy

    Timothy is a super talented and well connected photographer that recently moved to Tucson just to work at MagMod. He currently leads our efforts to involve and celebrate photographers worldwide who love and use MagMod everyday. While not a Tucson native, he is the biggest Arizona Wildcat fan that you could ever imagine. Timothy loves photographing weddings and high school seniors, which he still actively does in both Tucson and Nebraska. He and his wife are enjoying the desert with their 3 kids.

  • Adrian

    Adrian is our resident Bookkeeper, and has a degree in Business Management from Northern Arizona University. A long time Tucson native, Adrian went to Sabino High School (with Spencer) and loves serving in her church community. She is also skilled at embroidery and has made bomb dot com pillows for MagMod Headquarters. She and her husband have 3 adorable kids. She loves being a mom and really loves going to Disneyland with (or without) her kids!

  • JD

    JD is a talented photographer and media creative, and currently serves as our resident Videographer. He assists the Growth team with ad and copy design, email communication, and anything involving creative muscles. He has lived in Tucson most of his life and has his own photography business. He enjoys the outdoors and high-adventure activities, and has even worked for Marana Police Department.

  • Aaron

    Aaron is our newest team member and currently manages Order Fulfillment, and is our resident Apple Genius. The guy knows everything about Apple. Aaron is a newly-wed, a new home owner, and a master drummer, and easily has the best beard in the office. He and his wife just welcomed a German Shepherd puppy to their family.