Ralf Czogallik


Many of the world’s best photographers create with MagMod. One such photographer from the Netherlands is Ralf Czogallik. His work is full of color, light and emotion. It is evident through his images that he loves to embrace his surroundings and turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Through his use of controlled lighting and gels Ralf makes any scene look spectacular and consistently produces images that not only impress his clients but also make other photographers say, “Wow!” Because of his incredible imagery, Ralf has won numerous awards including being named one of the Top 150 Best Wedding Photographers in the World by SLR Lounge.

Ralf learned about MagMod from a Kickstarter promotion but it wasn’t until he attended a workshop from Erika and Lanny Mann of Two Mann that he learned all the possibilities of using the MagMod system. There he said he learned how to “take his use of MagMod to the next level” and now uses them all the time. “They are easy, versatile, inexpensive and provide thousands of possibilities. You can never go wrong with them and it helps me to make my ideas a reality. In almost every situation they are usable, even in adverse weather. I can be in Lapland when it’s -45C (-49F) or France when it’s 35C (95F) and they work like a charm. They never fail me.”

His favorite MagMod modifier is the MagGrid which he mentions he uses about 75% of the time, especially for the dance-floor shots where he remarks they are a “must have!” In addition, he loves using the MagGrid in dark ceremonies so he can put the light exactly where he needs it. More recently Ralf added the MagBeam to his gear. “I must say for creativity the MagBeam is now going strong in my gear-bag. What an awesome, creative product. I love it!”


It was hard to pick to feature just some of Ralf’s images as they are all amazing. But here are a few along with details he’s provided of how he shot each one.

ralfczogallik-01This was taken at an indoor pool. I got low enough to capture the lights in the ceiling as well as the reflection in the pool. Shot with the Canon 5D Mark 3 and the 35mm lens – I used one Speedlite on the left with MagGrid.

ralfczogallik-02This image was taken at the end of the wedding day. Again shot with my Canon 5D Mark 3 and the 35mm lens. Like the image above, here I used one Speedlite with MagGrid which I placed behind the couple. The interesting bokeh effect was created by dragging the shutter.

ralfczogallik-03To light this shot I used one gridded Speedlite from the top pointed towards the bride and one behind the groom in the room.

ralfczogallik-04Here I decided to get a bit creative at the end of the wedding day. I used three Speedlites. One was to the right of the couple using a MagGrid, and another to the left also with a MagGrid. Then hitting them in front and lighting up the wall behind them was a MagBeam, wide lens and a MagMask with a blue MagGel inserted. To create the interesting effect on top and bottom I dragged the shutter on my camera.

ralfczogallik-05Here I simply used one Speedlite behind the couple with a MagGrid and exposed the room so that I could bring in the elements that were on the wall and hanging from the ceiling.

ralfczogallik-06Here I wanted a nice soft fall off so I used a MagSphere on the bride as she was getting her makeup done. Shot this with my 5D-Mark 3 and the 100mm macro lens.

ralfczogallik-07I love being able to use color to help tell the story in my images. Here I have one Speedlite to the right aimed at the bride and another behind the groom with a blue MagGel.

ralfczogallik-08Super simple setup. Just one flash to the left of the couple with a MagGrid attached to control the light.

ralfczogallik-09For this fun dance shot I had a total of three flashes. One was in front with a MagGrid. One to the right with a purple MagGel hitting the wall to give it some color and lastly one Speedlite on the right with a combination of a 1/2 CTO MagGel and a MagGrid.

Be sure to check out Ralf’s website, Facebook page and Instagram account to see even more inspiring images.

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