WPPI + MagMod = Non-Stop Education, Show Specials, and Trevor Dayley's Platform Class

Learn from MagMod Pros with Live Education Every 30 Minutes at the MagMod Booth

We’re stoked to be back at WPPI in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Find us in Booth #609, right by the entrance! There will be some seriously amazing photographers speaking at our booth every 30 minutes! You won't want to miss a minute of these keynotes. So much awesome in one place! Check this sweet graphic for all the info you need: 

10:30AM - Marlies Hartmann
11:00AM - Nicole Chan
11:30AM -  Jos & Tree WoodSmith
12:00PM -  Arno de Bruijn
12:30PM -  Ivan Duran
1:00PM -  Angie Nelson
1:30PM -  Sean Lara
2:00PM -  Chad Winstead
2:30PM -  Esteban Gil
3:00PM -  Tanya Parada
3:30PM - Emily Pogozelski
10:30AM - Kesha Lambert
11:00AM - Jared Gant
11:30AM -  Rafael Serrano
12:00PM -  Justin Haugen
12:30PM -  Dan Dalstra
1:00PM -  Scott Josuweit
1:30PM -  Dave Shay
2:00PM -  Jesse & Moira La Plante
2:30PM -  Christine Diaz
3:00PM -  Ruben Gorjian
3:30PM - Jason Vinson
11:30AM -  Sean Lara
12:00PM -  Elizabeth Llyod
12:30PM -  Amber Henry
1:00PM -  Sean LeBlanc
1:30PM - Trevor Dayley 
2:00PM -  Dave Shay


Up to 25% Off MagMod at the Booth!

We're offering our biggest show discounts EVER! Up to 25% off of your favorite MagMod Modifiers! Uhm, heck yes! Visit the booth for details!

MagMod Booth Location

Do you still need a pass to get into the Expo? We have you covered! Click on this link to get a FREE show floor pass, or 15% off a Conference Platform Class: https://magmod.co/LID4L


Trevor Dayley's Platform Class

Also, you definitely won't want to miss our very own Trevor Dayley's class: "Five Creative Lighting Setups... Screw It, We're Doing It Live.

Back for his fifth year as a popular speaker at WPPI, Trevor's fast-paced and fun class will show you in a live interactive format how using lighting can make any location fabulous.

Like years prior, this class promises to be engaging, enjoyable and full of information. No matter what skill level you feel you are at with your flash, this class will provide some takeaways that you can use during your next photoshoot.

Watch live as Trevor builds a number of images inside the room and talks through his creative process and lighting setups. 

Thursday, Feb 27th
8:30 - 10:00
South Pacific E. 




 If you just can't get enough of the awesome photographers above, many of them are also doing Platform Classes, Photo Walks, and Master Classes all throughout WPPI. The complete list is below. Happy learning!

Platform Classes


8:30am - Charmi Patel-Pena, Dave Shay, Jared Gant, Susan Stripling - “Clone Yourself: How to Get More Done in Less Time”

2:00pm - Susan Stripling - “The Business of Wedding Photography”


8:30am - Charmi Patel-Pena - “Women in Photography Panel”

8:30am - Michael Anthony - “Creating Impactful and Dramatic Portraits”

6:00pm - Charmi Patel-Pena - “The Art of Indian Weddings: Booking with Confidence, Shooting for Art and Delivering Products Clients Love”

6:00pm - Pye Jirsa - “5 Actionable Steps to Being a Better Photographer and Business Person”


8:30am - Trevor Dayley - “Creative Lighting Setups... Screw It, We're Doing It Live”

8:30am - Hiram Trillo - “Beyond Weddings: A Guide to Shooting Wedding Fashion”

8:30am - Kesha Lambert - “Client Expectations: Condition Them, Exceed Them, Repeat”


Photo Walks


10:00am - Nicole Chan - “Diverse Couples Portraits in Eight Minutes”

12:30pm - Jason Vinson - “Bad Light Can Be Good Light”



10:00am - Pye Jirsa - “Incredible Wedding Portraits in Average Locations | Finding & Creating Great Portraits Anywhere”

10:00am - Cami Grudzinski - “Low Light, High Impact Made Easy with Small Continuous Lights and Flashes”

5:30pm - Bob Davis - “Become a Light Seeker”



2:00pm - Nik Pekridis - “Ambient vs Artificial Light…How and Where to Use It”

2:00pm - Sean Lara - “Amazing Light, Amazing Budget”



10:00am - Ruben Gorjian - “Creating Your Own Light”

10:00am - Sean LeBlanc - “The Art of Creating Dramatic Wedding and Lifestyle Portraits”

1:00pm - Johnson Wee - “Ultra-Wide Angle Lens – Creating New Possibilities All in One”


Master Classes


2:00pm - Johnson Wee, Keda-Z, Nik Pekridis - “The Fantastic Three”

See you there!

Every year WPPI in Las Vegas is a highlight for us as a company. It’s one of the biggest conferences of the year and what we absolutely love most about it… is spending time with the community of MagMod users! This year is sure to be amazing. We cannot wait to see everyone at the booth learning from some of the world’s best photographers. Stop by and hang out with us anytime. See you all in a few days!

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