Community Highlight: In Case You Missed It!

We are fascinated each week by the incredible photos posted in the MagMod Community. It is always so hard to pick just five that we want to highlight. If you are not already a member of the MagMod Community on Facebook come join us at HERE. It is one of the most inspiring, friendly and educational communities on Facebook. See you there! 
Photo by Trevor Gass
“I love combining the MagBeam with Atmosphere Aerosol!” Trevor took the community by surprise this week with some incredible photographs using the MagBeam.
In these pictures he would point the MagBeam towards the camera, at the backs of his subjects and then use Atmosphere Aerosol to create a fog effect. Then with the flare mask on the MagBeam he would light up the scene with some amazing light patterns behind his subjects. 
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We featured one of Fabian’s photos last week in our community highlights and he has yet again landed on our radar with one of the community’s most liked photos. Fabian has an incredible talent with using MagMod Gels.
For this shot he used three gels, one Teal, one Orange and one CTO. Be sure to check out his Instagram page if you want to be more inspired with using color in your pictures.
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Photo by Tony Hoffer
The photographer for this shot here, Tony Hoffer, is the type of guy that is constantly improving his craft. Not only is he an amazing wedding photographer, but also does some of the nicest headshots, and now is perfecting his product photography setups as little side projects
“Here’s a photo I took of some coffee and cream. Two lights total. One behind, one in front. I used a MagBox 24" Octa on an AD600 on the front light and for the back a second AD600 with a larger softbox. Shot with a Sony 90mm macro. Fun little project!”
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For this fantastic prewedding shot Salvatore positioned the couple so he could see them in the reflection of the glasses and then used a flash with a MagGrid on it to put the light perfectly on the couple. The light on the couple allowed him to see them better in the reflection.
Fantastic shot Salvatore! He use a Meike Mk600 flash, Canon EOS 6D, and a Tamron SP VC 35mm lens. 
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A few shots from a fun elopement this week, where the bride and groom packed their dress and suit into backpacks and hit the trail. Several miles later we reached a high mountain lake and an alpine hut where they were married. Covid wedding at it's finest!
All images were made with a single Canon 600EX-RT flash and a MagGrid. The one on the trail had a 1/2 CTB (Blue) Gel so that I could warm up the woods.
This is one shot from a fantastic set of images shot by Eric, that are definitely worth seeing. Eric has been a leader in the MagMod Community for years!
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