Free Class from a MagMod Ambassador

Learn fast and simple lighting techniques that will create amazing portraits from one of the best pro photographers today, Charmi Pena.


Hosted by: San Jose Photo & Video
Friday, February 26, 2021 @ 1pm MST.

Wedding days are fast-paced and often require problem-solving for unexpected lighting situations! Often times simplifying is the answer – one light can go farther than you think.

Walkthrough the ways Charmi Peña manages lighting through the wedding day and other events without spending too much time on set up.

“I’m not one of those photographers that was born with a camera in my hand - but the camera and I were destined to find each other someday. I come from a family where the acceptable career choices were: doctor, lawyer, investment banker… you get the idea. While medicine appealed to me for a long time, I double majored in economics and IT at Rutgers University because it seemed like the *right* thing to do.

Then, I met the love of my life and my whole world changed. He gifted me a camera as I struggled to find the right career path for me – a gift ended up changing the course of my life.

As a proud, steadfast feminist and woman of color, I stay engaged in advocacy and activism whenever time allows it. When I’m not smothering my husband Patrick, or our two little boys, Viru and Jai, I can be found gardening, with my 40+ house plants, playing video games, or watching basketball (I tragically suffer as a Knicks fan, don’t rub it in).”


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