How Cami Shot It: December 13

Cami Grudzinski joins our very own Timothy Eyrich for the next How I Shot It live chat Wednesday, December 13 at 10 AM MST. Cami's an award-winning wedding photographer from Orlando, and we can't wait to steal her trade secrets for rocking uniquely amazing images.

Designed to inspire, the How I Shot It series gives us a sneak peek into the creative process. Each episode focuses on an amazing photographer who walks us through a bunch of their favorite shots. You'll learn exactly how each shot was made and which MagMod modifiers were used along with general photography tips on all kinds of topics like gear, posing, post-processing and more. Whether you're just getting started with flash photography or you're booking 50 weddings a year (good on you!), there's always something for everyone.

To see Cami's episode live, all ya gotta do is join the #MagModCommunity on Facebook. You’ll be able to see the live broadcast in the group and pick her brain. Ask any questions you'd like. (Want more? You can catch all of our previous “How I Shot It” videos on YouTube.)

So mark your calendar! In the meantime, check out some of our favorite Cami images.




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