How I Shot It Episodes for February 2021

If you have been watching the How I Shot It episodes regularly you've likely noticed some wonderful improvements to the show. Knowing that these episodes are loved by many and incredibly inspiring to watch, I've taken some time to figure out how we can put the best show together and make massive improvements in my internet connection to handle the bandwidth of the shows. In addition, I plan on doing more of these each week so we can be sure and feature a large diverse audience of photographers from around the world. Here are some of the recent episodes of How I Shot It from the month of February.

Featuring Mauricio Ureña - Published Feb 23, 2021 

Featuring Michael Freas - Published Feb 17, 2021

Featuring Jesse and Moira LaPlante - Published Feb 16, 2021


Featuring Ray Sawyer - Published Feb 15, 2021 

Featuring Aniket Sananse - Published Feb 12, 2021 

Featuring Devon McCabe and Hector Vazquez - Published Feb 10, 2021

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