How I Shot It with JCM Photography

The MagMod Community is certainly full of some of the world's best photographers and one of my favorite things to do is get them on camera and pick their brains a bit. This past week I had the privilege of chatting with Jennifer and Joe Mackey of Asheville, North Carolina and discuss how they shot a few of their favorite photos. 

Be sure to check out the full interview on YouTube. I certainly was inspired and I bet you will be as well. To see more of the Mackey's work you can visit their website or go follow them on Instagram.  


This week on Friday, October 23rd at around 12:15pm EST I will be chatting with the super talented Darryl Moore of Phocused by Darryl Photography. I can't wait to chat with him as well. Join us LIVE on the Facebook MagMod page to tune in and ask questions. 

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