The Best of MagMod on ShotKit

(Cover Photo: Chad Winstead)

Ever wanted to know what your favorite photographers carry in their camera bags?

Come on, admit it! We all like having a snoop at the gadgets and gizmos our fellow ‘togs are using to get their awesome images.

My name’s Mark, and I run Shotkit. I’m also a self-confessed camera gear nerd - GAS to the extreme! If I’m not out shooting weddings, I’m writing about gear, reviewing it, or ogling photos of it all neatly laid out on the floor! #Weirdo

Since I started ShotKit, I’ve received thousands of submissions from awesome photographers all over the world . . . and guess what rubber gizmo keeps creeping its way into all those camera bags?!

It’s the humble MagMod, of course—in all its bendy rubberized iterations :-)

When I launched Shotkit around 4 years ago, I remember one or two MagGrips and modifiers popping up here and there, particularly in the bags of wedding photographers.

I remember reaching out to the MagMod team to try and get my hands on this curious but seemingly indispensable gadget that photographers around the world were using to control their off-camera light.

Fast forward a few years, and I’ve been using the MagGrid and MagSphere at pretty much every wedding I shoot.

I stick mostly to dance-floor usage (to create a nice vignette and even light over my subjects), although I have been known to get a bit more adventurous with OCF, but nowhere near as good as some of the wizards on this blog though!!

It’s nice to see the growing prevalence of MagMod over the years, and it’s pretty much a given for me to receive at least one MagModded camera bag every few weeks here at Shotkit HQ.

Check out a small selection of recent Shotkit submissions from MagMod users below, and don’t miss this curated selection of my favorite camera gear flatlays here… but I warn you – horrible, unrelenting gear envy is only a click away!!

Ashelee Hamon


 D2 Photography




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