Meet the MagBeam

After running two hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns in the Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2015 and delivering on time for each of them to our supportive backers, we were excited to do it again. On the morning of Tuesday, March 1st we pressed the launch button on our third Kickstarter project and within 90 minutes, our latest new product, The MagBeam, surpassed it’s funding goal of $25,000. We were fired up! It didn’t stop there, though! Within 24 hours of going live the campaign had close to 900 backers and over $130,000 pledged. That’s over 527% of our funding goal, and it was only day one. Needless to say, we are excited about the demand for the MagBeam and how photographers recognize it as a valuable tool to create spectacular images for their clients.

Meet the MagBeam

The MagBeam is the most unique, versatile, and totally awesome fresnel lens speedlite flash modifier ever created for photographers. It works seamlessly with our magnetic system to provide a fast, easy, and simple method to modifying speedlites.

MagBeam Hero Shot


Two to three more stops of light

The MagBeam’s special lenses collimate light (which is a fancy word for “making light travel in a straight line”) that increases total flash output by 2 to 3 stops of light. This gives your flash greater reach when shooting distant subjects, or, brighter light when you need more than just your bare flash. This increased output also allows you to reduce your flash power to significantly increase recycle times. Ya, it’s a big deal.

MagBeam - Spotlight


Variable spotlight pattern

When fully extended, the MagBeam gives you super-focused light with a hard edge, similar to a stage spotlight. Collapse the MagBeam down one or two stages to create a wider beam pattern while retaining the beautiful shape and crisp edges. Finally, a Hollywood-style fresnel spotlight for speedlites.

MagBeam - 01


Gobo-projecting thing-of-wonder

Collapse the MagBeam down, swap in a wide-angle lens, and add our custom MagMasks and now you’ve transformed it into a pattern-projecting-thing-of-wonder. MagMasks are our paper-thin custom-made stainless steel ‘gobos’ that ‘go between’ your flash and the lens in the MagBeam. This pattern is then imaged through the lens and projected out where you want it to go. Sweet huh?

MagBeam Kit


Collapsible design is easy

With a single ninja-like motion you can attach the MagBeam and set it up all with one hand. The MagBeam’s collapsible design also makes it incredibly portable and easy to store, freeing up valuable space in your camera bag.

MagBeam - 07


Magnetic, modular system

MagMod utilizes the invisible powers of magnetism to attach modifiers to your speedlites, completely eliminating the need for messy velcro, adhesives, straps and bands that all add complexity to your system. We make awesome photography easy.

Kickstarter Campaign

Currently, the MagBeam can only be purchased through our Kickstarter campaign. The campaign ends on April 15, 2016. To learn more about the MagBeam check out the project page where we have lots of details, sample photos, product shots and more.

More Good News from MagMod

We’re pretty stoked (to say the least) that we finally have LABELS on all of our gels. Yep, we did it.  The white text labels are silk-screened on to the surface, and are incredibly durable!


New Artistic Gels

We introduced a new set of colors as well—the Artistic Gels, which compliment the Creative Gels perfectly. Oh and by the way, the MagMod Creative Gels are slightly tweaked with slightly less dense variants of the same hue. This makes stacking multiple gel colors to get your own custom colors much easier than before.

The Artistic Gels include the following colors: Cyan, Rose, Coral, Amber, Aqua, Pink, Lavender, and Lime.

They will be available for immediate shipping on our website around March 14!

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