How I Shot It: Single-Flash Wedding Portraits with Nicole Chan

MagMod Ambassador Nicole Chan is an amazing wedding photographer based out of Boston, Massachusetts. She's an international award winner and one of Boston's most sought after photographers. In this episode of "How I Shot It," Trevor Dayley chats with Nicole about five images that she created using MagMod modifiers. Watch the Episode Here: 
You can see more of Nicole Chans's work on her Website and Instagram.

Image 1 (Cover Image): Rainbow Umbrella [2:00]

This is a natural-light test shot of Nicole's assistant Caitlin while she visualized the image she wanted to create with the bride and groom before bringing them out into the snow. 

Image 2: Elegant First Dance [4:40]

Nicole's assistant used a single-speedlight on a monopod with a MagSphere + MagGrid combo to light up the couple while kneeling down low to the ground. Nicole didn't want her flash to spill light on the beautiful walls in the venue so she controlled the light to only the couple.

Image 3. Aquarium Portrait [7:38]

The New England Aquarium in Boston is very dark and the fish tanks are extremely bright. Nicole wanted to highlight the elements of their venue. She exposed for the tanks first and then put a speedlight behind the couple with a MagSphere + MagGrid.

Image 4. Overlook [11:55]

Nicole had to underexpose for the bright outside skyline and had her assistant on a Manfrotto Monopod aim her speedlight with the  MagSphere + MagGrid to only light up the couple without any spill.

Image 5. Epic Building [17:15]

The couple picked this Asian restaurant for their reception which has a beautiful front fascia. The couple is actually behind glass and her assistant Nicole backlit them using just a MagGrid.

Image 6. Clean Sunset [18:55]

Nicole shot this in a venue parking lot at sunset time. She shot from super low to get rid of the cars, and used a MagSphere + MagGrid on her speedlight a 45º angle to illuminate them.

Lighting Gear That Nicole Can't Live Without

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