Top 5 from the MagMod Community

The MagMod Community of photographers has many of the world's best, most talented photographers. The photos shared each and every week in the Facebook group are truly inspiring. Here are recent Top 5 photos chosen by the community through their likes and engagement. Congrats to these well deserving photographers. 

1. Antonio Fenga - Instagram / Website

To capture this incredible shot Antonio used a MagBeam with a MagMask to put some super creative light on the subject's face. LOVE! 

2. Jesse Rinka - Instagram / Website

I've faced many challenges in my nearly 6 years in business as a wedding photographer but this one stood out as a bit more challenging due to several factors. What became crucial to our success throughout this day was the ability to think quick and act even quicker and this image serves as an example of the product of being able to do that. This Library room deserved our attention. The warm colors in the room called for a CTO on our light which ended up being a single eVOLV200 with a grid. After consulting with the couple it was decided that we would go with a more serious look. All in all, we were in and out and on to our next location within the venue in just under a few minutes.

3. Scott Josuweit - InstagramWebsite

Cross-lighting is one of my favorite techniques when it comes to lighting receptions. There are times where you'll get shadows (add a third light to fix that problem) but you'll quickly learn when to shoot so you can anticipate moments like this.

Nikon D850 w/ Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, f/2.8, ISO 1600 - 2x Godox V860II w/ MagGrid + 1/4 CTO (on 10' light stands on opposite sides of the dance floor).

4. Arno De Bruijn - Instagram / Website

4 Speedlite + MagGel Orange & Blue, 2 Speedlites Bareflash
Camera settings: Canon EOS R6 + Transmitter, 1/160, F/8, ISO 100
5. Jeff Tisman - Instagram / Website
For the shot I got the city exposure in camera and then just add that little bit of pop to the couple using a flash with a MagSphere. I did place them in a darker spot of the photo and got a lower angle so they wouldn't blend into the city lights. Always take your time. Breathe. See the shot you want and then work it out.
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