Top 5 of the Week!

Each and every week we continue to be blown away by the amazing photos being shared in the MagMod Community and on the MagMod Instagram page. There's no denying it's one of the best social photo communities out there. You all make it amazing! Here are five of top shots shared this week. 

1.) Photo by Michael Ramos - Instagram / Website

The most liked post of the week came from Michael Ramos who shared a set of images from a post-wedding shoot. The entire set is amazing so be sure to check it out here. This image was created using a MagBox camera right with a FocusDiffuser just outside the frame and a wide angle Canon 11-24L lens. All the photos from the shoot are beautiful and inspiring, be sure to go check it out. 

Products Used: MagBox Pro Kit

2.) Photo by Amber Henry - InstagramWebsite

Amber is becoming a regular name popping up each week in the Top 5. Her posts always garner attention because not only are her photos amazing but she has been sharing fantastic behind the scenes images and video along with the photos. Super educational and entertaining to watch. If you are on TikTok you can find more of her videos there @amber_henry_photography. Here's Amber describing how they accomplished this shot. 

"I waited until the sun had gone down and we were at a grey-twilight phase of the day to create this image. We walked across the street from the venue so I could put a row of dark tress behind the men as a background, knowing they would go completely black.
I used two Godox ad200s behind each pair of groomsmen, with MagGels on each, and the main light just above my groom, with the MagGrid for light direction. We ended up using almost a full can of fog on each side for this and a few other images we created in this series."

Products Used: MagGels and MagGrid

3.) Photo by Esteban Gil - Instagram / Website

"As soon as I walked into this hotel, I knew I wanted to get a dress shot on these stairs. I had my beautiful wife and assistant light the bride and then I took a separate shot to be able to mask her out of the image." If you would like to see the shot straight out of the camera before the edit go check out the comments on the post where Esteban shared it. Such an incredibly beautiful image that this bride is sure to cherish her entire life. Lit with the Godox AD300 and the MagBox together. 

Products Used: MagBox

4.) Photo by Esteban Gil - Instagram / Website

Esteban pulled in two top spots this week with his posts in the MagMod Community. His stunning images are certainly some of the favorites being shared there in the community. Esteban was excited to share this photo from a full wedding that he finally got to shoot after being off for so many months in 2020. He lit the couple with the MagBox attached to an AD300 at 1/4 power. Shot with the Fuji GFX100 + Laowa 17mm lens. 

Like his previous post he even included a BTS photo in the comments of the post so be sure to click here to go check that out

Products Used: MagBox

5.) Photo by Kuvamiehat - Instagram / Website

To round out the Top 5 we wanted to include this image that has been very popular on our Instagram page after being shared just yesterday. This wedding and portrait photographer team based out of Finland has so many beautiful images on their Instagram feed - be sure to go give them a follow. For this image they placed 1 Speedlight with a 1/4 CTO and a MagSphere behind the groom pointed up at about 45 degrees. They used a second flash with a Full CTO gel on it to light the environment. Lastly they sprayed a little bit of Atmosphere Aerosol in the air to create that hazy romantic setting. 

Products Used: Advanced Gel Set

Be sure to join us each and every week in the MagMod Community on Facebook. We can't wait to see what gets posted next! 

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