Top 5 of the Week - December 10

Ready for another round of Top 5? Each week you all are posting so many crazy good photos! Click on the images to be taken to the Facebook post in the MagMod Community to read and see more in the post comments. 

1.) Photo by Jason Vinson - Instagram / Website

One of the best parts of this post by Jason was his explanation of how he pulled it off. Here is his full explanation. So good!
"This was one of the harder setups I've had to figure out. Not really in lighting complexity, but in balancing the flash with an exposure that could capture the stars and freeze the champagne. I also needed an exposure time that would let me take more then one image during the spray because we only had one bottle of champagne! So no redos!

The main issue was even at the lowest power, the flash was way to powerful. Even from more then 10 feet away. And I didn't have any ND filters to cut the light. So what I ended up needing to do was stack a full MagMod CTO gel and full CTB gel on top of each other. The idea here is that full orange and full blue would cancel each other out in terms of color, but would cut the light because of the light needing to pass through two filters.... And it worked!!

Last thing I did was add a MagMod grid to focus the light just on them. With this setup I was able to pull off a one second exposure which gave me about 4 or 5 frames of the spraying. I then polished it off with some Mann + Jensen-Mann double IPA preset from DVLOP"

2.) Photo by Priyanca Rao Instagram / Website

The MagMod Community loves instructional posts and this share by Priyanca was one of the best. She shared various behind the scenes photos in her post showing the progression of how she put the shot together in one single exposure. Go check out the full post on Facebook for the whole story.

"It was raining outside and we could not go outside to the pier to photograph the skyline. So I created a reflexion shot with the skyline from the window with a gelled magsphere backlight on a stand. I stumbled upon this idea during the ceremony, when I saw my own reflexion in the window because of the position of the light.

To get their reflexion in focus, I rotated around and focused on them and then re-composed the reflexion shot with the same focus. This only worked because I was so close to the window and shooting at F7.1. If you are not close enough to the reflexion, you can ask the couple to hold up their phone next to their faces with a bright screen on, and focus on the screen through the reflexion to get it tack sharp."

Products Used: MagSphere, MagGels

3.) Photo by Ralf Czogallik Instagram / Website

In this post by Ralf he showed how you can take just about any location, even your own backyard, and with the right composition and lighting make it magic. Ralf was teaching a class at his house when this was taken. Go check out the post to see a full BTS image and how they took an ordinary scene and made it extraordinary using two flashes. 

Products Used: MagSphere

4.) Photo by Gurinder Singh Instagram / Facebook

During this pre-wedding session Gurdinder used a MagSphere and an umbrella to light his subjects. His post in the community had a few more wonderful images from the session. Definitely worth checking out.

Products Used: MagSphere

5.) Photo by Mauricio Ureña Garbanzo - Instagram / Website

Mauricio shared a series of detail shots that were absolutely beautiful. All of them made in the same place on top of a glass table. To see them all be sure to check out his post in the community. Be sure to check out his behind the scenes image in the comments of the post as well! Mauricio explained "I placed a Profoto A1 with the MagGrid and a Mag Sphere on top of each as you could see on the BTS shot in the comments. I was shooting them right from the edge of the table in order to get the reflection."
Products Used: MagSphere, MagGrid

The MagSphere seems to be the winner this week for the product most used in the Top 5 posts. As always we can't thank you all enough for being in the MagMod Community and giving us a reason to jump on Facebook each and every day so we can see all the incredible images you all continue to share!


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