Top 5 of the Week - December 3rd

We sure are grateful for all the photographers in the MagMod Community. So much talent. You all aspire us as photographers and inspire us with your creativity. Here are five of the most loved images from the MagMod Community from the past few weeks. Click on the images to be taken to the Facebook post in the MagMod Community to read and see more. 

1.) Photo by Tom Jeavons - Instagram / Website

Tom took all our breath away with his series of photos from a Woodland themed style shoot. Go see the entire series on his post here. With over 1300 likes, and 118 comments he pulled in the top spot. For this photo, and each in the series, he used an AD200 flash with the MagMod MagBox. 
Products Used: MagBox

2.) Photo by Pyae Phyo Instagram / Facebook

All of us in the community can't get enough of Pyae Phyo and his tremendous photos in absolutely stunning locations. This might look familiar as he garnered a top 5 just a month or so ago with a shot in the same location. But, we agree with the community, his photos there are so incredibly beautiful he deserves to take in another Top 5 honor. 

Shot on the A7RII, with a Sigma 14-24 lens using an AD200 with a MagSphere and MagGrid combo.

Products Used: Starter Kit

3.) Photo by Missy Fant Instagram / Website

A foggy day is like a photographer's playground, if you come ready with the toys to play. Missy did just that and produced this incredible result with an AD200 and a MagBox. Over 1400 likes, 60 comments, and lots of WOW emoji and memes. Truly incredible shot Missy!

Products Used: MagBox

4.) Photo by Neil Redfern Instagram / Website

 One of the community favorite photographers, Neil Redfern, pulls in another top spot this week with a fantastic image as well as a perfect behind the scenes image and video showing exactly how he created this image. If you haven't already jumped over to to Neil's YouTube channel and subscribed, you are missing out. It's a definite must do. 

This photo is a blend of 16 different images. Sounds difficult but Neil makes it easy to understand in his behind the scenes video. Lit using the MagBox. 

Products Used: MagBox

5.) Photo by Sandy Estrada - Instagram / Website

This last shot was my daughter's favorite as she pointed and excitedly said, "Looks like a princess!" I applaud Sandy's efforts in pulling this shot off on a boat. Although it was tied up to the dock the way it's framed and shot with the 14mm wide angle lens makes it look so perfect. Lit with an AD200 and a MagBox (pretty sure that is a theme in this blog post) shot on the A7RIII using high speed sync with the shutter at 1/1000th of a second. Love it Sandy! 
Products Used: MagBox

What another incredible round of images. We look forward to seeing what the community has in store for us this week. We can't thank you all enough for being in there and giving us a reason to jump on Facebook each and every day so we can see all the incredible images you all continue to share!


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