Our Top 5 of the Week - January 7

We are excited about the new year and can't wait to see the thousands of incredible photos shared in the MagMod Community this year. Click on the images to be taken to the Facebook post in the MagMod Community.

1.) Photo by Tom Gervich - Instagram

The year started with a bit of humor as this picture from Tom Gervich had many people laughing in the MagMod Community. As we all know, the best way to use the MagBox is off-camera on a light stand. However, Tom found a way to mount his directly to his camera, creating the ultimate on-camera flash and well looking a bit funny in the process. Maybe we've all be using it wrong this whole time. Like many others, we appreciated the good laugh, and heck, maybe even a little inspiration if you are ever looking for soft on-camera light. 
Products Used: MagBox

2.) Photo by Arno De Bruijn Instagram / Website

Arno is a familiar name in the community, always coming up with new and creative ways to use MagMod modifiers, light, and color. In this fantastic post, Arno shares how he created his Northern Lights using a green gel and water bottle. Here's the final image, but don't miss out on seeing the enlightening behind-the-scenes photos. Super creative!

Products Used: MagSphere, MagGels

3.) Photo by Jesse LaPlante Instagram / Website

Jesse LaPlante is another photographer that is extremely popular in the community for his adventurous photos and use of light and color. In this photo, Jesse used a couple of AD200's in a MagBox to bring out the couple while underexposing the scene just a bit to capture the majestic mountains in the background. 

Products Used: MagBox

4.) Photo by Neil Redfern Instagram / Website

Neil blew all our minds with his post sharing some of his favorites from the year created with MagMod. There are lots of images in the post, so be sure to check out the entire post to see them all - we just picked one of our favorites to highlight here. Neil, you are such an inspiration, and we are so grateful to have you in the MagMod Community sharing your work! During 2020, because of the pandemic, Neil was restricted to shooting just four weddings. Rather than sit and do nothing, he set up some shoots to try new techniques, get creative, and practice. So inspiring!

Products Used: MagSphere, MagGrid

5.) Photo by Ray Sawyer - Instagram / Website

Another multi-image post in the community that gathered lots of traction and exposure was by Ray Sawyer. To share some of his incredible images and knowledge with the community, Ray picked some of his favorite photos and then created a video highlighting how he shot them all - 15 pictures in 15 minutes. Great video to review and gather some ideas to try new things in 2021. You should also visit the post and see all the beautiful shots Ray shared. He's so talented! 
Products Used: MagSphere, MagGrid MagGels
The MagMod Community is by and far the most educational group to learn how to use MagMod products. If you are not there yet, get in there now. You won't regret joining this Facebook Community. Every day, a new post will motivate you to try to use your MagMod products another way on your next shoot. 
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