Top 5 of the Week - Nov. 20

The MagMod Community continues to bring it's A-game each and every week! So many insanely talented photographers in there sharing the photos they captured each week. We can't wait to share the Top 5 this week. 

1.) Photo by Christian Cardona - Instagram / Website

Our top post of the week was none other than one of our very favorite MagMod photographers. Christian Cardona has been inspiring photographers in the community for years with his sets of couple photos and senior images. If you aren't yet following him on Instagram, go do it now, you won't regret it. 

The most liked post of the week was a set of 10 images from a recent couple shoot. All shot using the MagBox or MagSphere. All amazing! Seriously click here to go see the whole set in the MagMod Community. Here's one as a teaser! 

Products Used: MagSphere and MagBox

2.) Photo by Jesse LaPlante Instagram / Website

You surely recognize Jesse's name by now. I think he's on here nearly every week reaching the Top 5. To do that in a community with so many top notch photographers just goes to show you how ridiculously talented he is. And get this, he hit the Top 5 twice this week. First with this incredible set of photos for a high school senior! Like the set from Christian, we will show you one here, but you have to go see the rest. The whole set here in the community is mind blowing. In just one day of posting he's almost hit 1000 likes already! 

Lit with two MagBoxes in a cross lighting configuration set at 3 and 9 o'clock positions. 

3.) Photo by Jesse LaPlante Instagram / Website

Grabbing the 3rd spot as well Jesse amazed us all with this image shot this week up in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Wow, just wow! Lit with a MagBox and FocusDiffuser placed camera right.

Products Used: MagBox + FocusDiffuser

4.) Photo by Amber Henry Instagram / Website

Here's another familiar name! We can't get enough of Amber's phenomenal art. Like the two above this was another set of images in the MagMod Community that amazed us all. 

"It was way too windy for any soft boxes so we stuck (haha pun) to the MagGrid and MagSphere for everything, using the sun for the back/rim light. All was shot with only one light."

Products Used: MagSphereMagGrid

5.) Photo by Rahul Mahadik - Instagram / YouTube

The theme this week must be sets of images. To round out the Top 5 this week we have yet another fabulous set of photos shared by Rahul. All shot using a soft box plus a MagGrid and MagGel. Rahul had another set of images posted a few days later that have been garnering lots of attention as well. Quick becoming a community fav! 

Products Used: MagGrid + MagGels

What another incredible round of images. We look forward to seeing what the community has in store for us this week. We can't thank you all enough for being in there and giving us a reason to jump on Facebook each and every day so we can see all the incredible images you all continue to share. 


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