Top 5 of the Week - Nov 6

This week MagMod celebrated it's 7th anniversary of being established as a company! It's been an incredible ride and we are so grateful to all our customers, or as we like to call them, our MagMod Family!

Maybe it's by coincidence, but we happened to notice that this week the Top 5 images all were lit with modifiers that were some of our first released flash modifiers but continue to be many photographer's favorites. These images are extraordinary! 

1.) Photo by Neil Redfern - Instagram / Website

The community was absolutely blown away by this stunning image and accompanying behind the scenes photos and videos that Neil shared with us this week. In just one day he reached nearly 30,000 people in the community and picked up 1700 likes and many comments. To really grasp how Neil shot this go check out his YouTube channel where he published a video walking through the entire process. 

Here is his brief explanation, "For this photograph I used one off camera flash with a MagGrid and MagSphere attached to light my model and I shot through some battery powered Christmas lights, which were wrapped around a Gorillapod, to create the foreground bokeh. This is a mega simple set up but I was really pleased with the result."

Products Used: MagSphere + MagGrid

2.) Photo by Arno De Bruijn Instagram / Website

Arno is another familiar face in the MagMod Community always inspiring us to take our flash game to a whole other creative level. He used 4 Speedlites each with a MagGel Orange or Blue. Then 2 Speedlites bare to light the couple. Go check out the behind the scenes photo in the post comments. Absolutely incredible! 

Products Used: Creative Gel Set

3.) Photo by Orlando Suarez Instagram / Website

Read how Orlando shot this photo and you'll realize he took an otherwise unexciting scene and made it something remarkable! One of the things us photographers tend to appreciate in other photographers in watching how their creativity soars, especially under difficult scenarios.

Here's Orlando's explanation as to how it was shot. "MagSphere & MagGrid, camera right, on a raised monopod 6 feet away with a power setting of 8 on a Profoto A1. The frond was handheld just above the lens with one hand while lying down on the ground about another 6-8 feet away."

Products Used: MagSphere + MagGrid

4.) Photo by Pyae Phyo Instagram / Facebook

Pyae's latest photo in the community left everyone speechless. Pyae has quickly becoming a community favorite with some absolutely stunning pictures he has been sharing each week. For this one he used a MagSphere and Full CTO Gel on an AD200 while photographing the couple in the rain. Wow!

Products Used: MagSphere, Advanced Gel Set

5.) Photo by Jared Gant Instagram / Website

If you've been in the MagMod Community for some time you surely recognize Jared's name as well. Through the years he's been one of our most active members in the community always helping out others. His photos of course are amazing as well!

Jared had the following to say while sharing this image, "I absolutely LOVE how MagMod helps me draw the viewer's eye directly to the couple in a large environmental type portrait. This was lit with a single AD-200 modified with a MagSphere, held slightly above eye level at the 8 o'clock position."

Products Used: MagSphere

What another incredible round of images. We look forward to seeing what the community has in store for us this week. We can't thank you all enough for being in there and giving us a reason to jump on Facebook each and every day so we can see all the incredible images you all continue to share. 


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