Top 5 of the Week - October 15, 2020

Here's your Top 5 of the week based on your likes and engagement in the Facebook Community and on Instagram. Yet another round of super inspiring, and even one hilarious, set of photos! 

1.) Photo by Miguel Ocque - Instagram / Website

Sometimes we think we need several lights to make an epic image. But you will be surprised how much you can make with one light and very unique composition. In this image I used nothing but an AD200 with a MagSphere behind the bride to separate her from the blue sky.

Products Used: MagSphere as a rim light

2.) Photo by Peter Švancar - Website


Over 1,800 people laughed, liked and loved this image by Peter showing his unique solution during this pandemic period to secure a MagGel and MagGrid. 

As Peter explains, "When you are on location and you figure out that you forgot the MagGrip at home..."

Products Used: MagGelsMagGrid and Disposable Mask - 😂

3.) Photo by Marlies Hartmann - Instagram / Website

"My first sunrise session! Magbox with focus diffuser and 1/4 CTO camera right." We hope to see many more sunrise sessions in the future Marlies, this is incredible! Many of you are likely already familiar with Marlies. Just a few weeks ago we shared an article all about her and why you need to be following her work. It's outstanding! 

Products Used: MagBox

4.) Photo by Randall Mena - Instagram / Website


This next photo was one of the most loved pictures shared on our Instagram feed this week. In just a couple of days, this beautiful shot by Randall Mena has pulled in over 3,200 likes and has reached over 32,000 people along with 455 saves. It's certainly inspiring and we can see why so many people loved it. Go see it on our Instagram feed to view a behind the scenes video that goes along with the shot. 

Here's how Randall explained he lit it. "Simple shot using a MagBox as fill and MagSphere as main. Shot on the beach, where usually it is very windy, these modifiers are very steady."⁠⠀

Products Used: MagBox and MagSphere

5.) Photo by Enrique Gil - Instagram / Website

We will round out this week's Top 5 with this incredible photo by @arteextremeno. This Spain based photographer is consistently publishing remarkable shots and this one is certainly eye catching as well.  

Enrique shot this using three flashes all with Cyan gels.

Products Used: Creative Gel Set

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