Top 5 of the Week - October 27

As we round out the month of October we are excited to share another round of Top 5 for this past week! Congrats to all of those that won a slot this week and thank you for inspiring all of us in the MagMod Community. 

1.) Photo by Jesse LaPlante - Instagram / Website

On the surface one would think this image would be simple to create. But all photographers know that balancing light in a shaded room and an incredible mountainscape lit by the sun is not easy. Here's how Jesse explained his process of lighting it.
"We set up two AD200s, one on either side of the room, situated near the ends of the last row of chairs. Each light was outfitted with a MagSphere to spread the light a bit more evenly around the room. We also made sure to feather the light, meaning we pointed the light on the right side of the room toward the left of the B&G and pointed the light on the left side of the room to the right of the B&G. This helped to even the light further and to reduce hot spots. The rim light on the bride, groom and wedding party is late afternoon sun, coming in from approximately 10:00. Shot with a Nikon D800 | 14-24 at 1/200th, f/5, ISO 125."
Products Used: MagSphere

2.) Photo by Nanda Zee-Fritse Instagram / Website

You ever wished you could be shooting weddings at stunning locations! If only I could shoot there, you tell yourself. Well Nanda taught the whole MagMod Community how to turn an otherwise unexciting location into something remarkable with this post. You really have to see the behind the scenes image, so be sure to go check out the full post here where it's posted. Nanda posted, "Inspired by the "How I shot it" with Amber Henry: 2 "spaces" in 1 shot. So I saw this so boring spot and thought: 2 SPACES = 2 COLOR GELS! At 9 o'clock a MagSphere with blue gel on the groom. At 3 o'clock a MagBox with 1/4 CTO. Behind the bride a gelled flash pointed at the wall color amber
ISO 200 - 1/125 sec - f11."
Incredible results Nanda!
Products Used: MagBoxArtistic Gel Set, MagSphere

3.) Photo by Karin Keesmat Instagram / Website

Every family can appreciate a creative family photo that can hang as art in their home. Karin got super clever with the colored gels and with a bit of compositing created a fun colorful art piece for her clients. She even got her clients involved by letting each one pick a color. Love it! She shot it with the MagMod Creative Gels and a MagGrid on her flash using a Sony A7III and a 85mm Sony 1.8 lens.
Products Used: MagGrid and Creative Gel Set

4.) Photo by Michael Ramos Instagram / Website

Michael has been a force in the MagMod Community sharing photos each and every week that have amazed us all. We look forward to doing a How I Shot It episode with him soon to talk more about his lighting, so stay tuned for that. 

For this photo he used a 1/4 CTO along with the MagSphere stacked on a MagGrid. He had it boomed right outside the frame of the shot and used a wide angle Canon 11-24mm L-series lens to capture it. 

Michael shared another set of images in the community as well that has been super popular, you can see that here.

Products Used: MagSphere, MagGrid and Advanced Gel Set


5.) Photo by Brandon Russell Instagram / Website

"Here's a set I did last week for a yoga/activewear brand. They had some new sets coming out that they thought would look rad under the stars and they got it out just in time for the last new moon of the Milky Way season.

Unfortunately the largest single fire in Calif. history (The Creek Fire) moved just to the west of us in the last two weeks and I was concerned the smoke would obscure the stars, especially since the fire was just below our perspective on the upper part of the MW core. We drove up to about 10,000 feet to get a clean horizon and the fire ended up creating this crazy scene with flames and orange haze near the ground and then a mostly-clear sky just above.

The main light in all of these is a b10 with the Magbox, mostly with diffusion panel and focus diffuser & 1/2 CTO, with an a1 speed light behind (on most of them) with a grid and a 1/2 CTO or a CTB."

Here's one image from the set Brandon posted. Be sure to click here to see the rest he shared in the community. 
Products Used: MagBoxMagGrid and Advanced Gel Set


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