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It's been an impressive month of posts on our Instagram account. We've seen hundreds and hundreds of photos with MagMod tagged in them. Seriously mind blowing shots. Featured approximately 3 photos a day. Received over 1.5 million impressions, reaching between 40,000-50,000 people on each post - and we still have a few days left in the month. Whew! 

Here are a few of the most liked images from the beginning half of February. 

1. Shannon Cain - @shannoncainphotography

Shannon explains how she lit this shot. "For this image, I wanted to bring a little focus to the groom by shining some light on him, even though he was in the shadows. I used an AD200 + MagGrid + MagSphere + 1/4 CTO."

What everyone really seemed to love on Instagram is the behind the scenes image that accompanied the incredible photo. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely go check it out. 

2. Esteban Gil - @egilphoto

Esteban is one of the favorites on Instagram. It seems as though he's always ending up in the Top 5, and for good measure. His photos are breathtaking! Here's how he explained shooting this one. 

"My settings were f14, ISO 400⁠, 1/50 Shutter speed⁠⁠ Magbox+AD300 at 1/4 power⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ I really wanted to have a ""grand"" feel to this image and utilize the beauty of these stairs as much as possible. For this, I used my 17mm Laowa on my GFX100. This equals to about 12mm on a full frame camera which works perfect for these types of images. The final image is a result of 2 images being composited into one. One of my assistant lighting the bride and another one without my assistant that acted as a background when photoshopping her out."

3. Michael Anthony - @michaelanthonyphotography

When you see a Michael Anthony photo you know right away its his. The timeless style and lighting always stand out and are big fan favorites. This one by Michael was no different. To capture this one he used a Profoto light inside of the MagBox pointed at the bride - his wife and amazing assistant was in the back with another flash pointed at the groom. 

4. Ray Sawyer - @sawyerandsawyerphotography

This month we had a chance to chat with Ray in a How I Shot It series and of course our minds were blown. What a talent! I think he will long hold the record for number of pictures we talked about, it must have been over 30. Each one well deserving of the spot light. During the interview Ray discussed in detail this shot, so be sure to jump over and check it out. In short though, he explained, "I setup a heavy duty light stand camera left using an Ad200 + 1/4 CTO + #MagGrid + #MagSphere. Captured using a Sony A9 on a Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens."

5. Berna Rodriguez - @bernaweddings

One of the signs of a great photographer is being able to take any scene and make it amazing using light and color. With the help of a few flashes and gels, Berna is able to do just that. This is another one of those images definitely worth seeing the behind the scenes shot that accompanies it on our Instagram feed. 

This was shot with a MagBox light on the couple and then while crouched down shooting through a chair, Berna used another light with a red gel on it to color the chair. Thereby giving him a wonderful color and shape to frame his couple. 

It's so inspiring to see so many incredible photos and feature them on our Instagram feed. Huge thanks to all the MagMod family of photographers out there using MagMod in your work. We love seeing all outstanding images you all are creating and can't wait to feature more of your work. 

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