Top Five Posts in the MagMod Community

If you haven't yet joined us in the MagMod Community; in the enthusiastic words of Shia LaBleouf - "DO IT!" Each and every week our minds are blown by the amount of inspiring photos being shared there. Here are five of the communities favorites from this month.  

1.) Photo by Amber Henry - Instagram / Website

"Wedding from last weekend was in a beautiful but very dark and very yellow church. (If you haven't seen the post in the community go check it out to see behind the scenes before Amber transformed the scene.) Walking to the chapel I saw this great spot leading up to the balcony and loved the idea of the bride descending on the stairs on her way to meet her groom. I used two Godox ad200s, one held by my assistant over the brides head on the balcony, the second on a bookshelf facing the groom behind the wall. His light had a MagGrid to direct light only on him, her light had a MagSphere to spread and soften the light."

Products Used: MagSphere and MagGrid (MagMod Starter Flash Kit)

2.) Photo by Pyae Phyo - InstagramFacebook

This incredible scene caught the eyes of many in the MagMod Community this week pulling in over 1000 likes. The low framing and lighting on the couple to help them pop was superb! Pyae used a MagSphere on an AD200 camera right to put that little bit of light on the couple. He photographed them using a Sony A7RII + Sigma 14-28 F2.8 lens.

Products Used: MagSphere

3.) Photo by Mona Carlson Walsh - Instagram / 500px

Mona started off her super popular post with these wise words, "MagMod isn’t just for people photography. It can be used for wildlife in your backyard too." The photo of this bird in her backyard is amazing, but this is definitely one of those posts you have to visit in the community to see behind the scenes. We love how Mona used the MagBox camera right and a MagGrid camera left for a backlight to light the birds landing on her setup to snag a nut. Her post reached over 21,000 people in the community. Everyone was loving on this one! 

Be sure to visit Mona's Instagram feed to see more fantastic photos of animals. 

Products Used: MagGrid and MagBox

4.) Photo by Randall Mena - Instagram / Website

 If you've been around in the community a bit you'll recognize Randall's name. He's one of our popular posters always sharing remarkable photos. In this shot shared for #beforeafterweek Randall shared some wonderful behind the scenes images to show just exactly how the picture was created. He used a small soft box on his subject and then behind her used a yellow MagGel to put color on the wall. The color perfectly compliments her dress making for a wonderful image. While the photo was taken back in 2018, Randall snagged a prize as one of the top posts during Before/After Week and earned himself a DVLOP gift card. Awesome job Randall! 

Products Used: Creative Gel Set

5.) Photo by Xavier Martyn - Instagram / Website

French photographer Xavier showed that silhouette images are still as popular as ever in the MagMod Community by pulling in nearly 800 likes with this incredible shot. "One flash behind the couple with a MagSphere on it at full power. Shot with a 50mm f2.2 iso100 1/60." So simple, yet so impactful. This would make for an awesome piece of large artwork hanging in the clients home. Thanks for sharing in the community Xavier. 

Products Used: MagSphere

Be sure to join us each and every week in the MagMod Community on Facebook. We can't wait to see what gets posted next! 

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