Where's My Waldo Valentines Day Shoot

As recently seen in an episode of How I Shot It, Cole Harper is a talented photographer and loves coming up with super creative shoots to keep her busy while living alone in her apartment.

While out perusing the aisles at her local TJ Maxx, Cole came across this "One of a Kind" sweater and instantly thought of Waldo. Yep, that Waldo! The one that you spent hours looking for in books as a kid. Well, Cole's creative mind went into high gear, and she thought, "how fun would it be to create a shoot around Waldo's valentine, Wenda!" Cole quickly scooped up the sweater and headed home to see what she could create.

Cole says the self-portrait shoot is dedicated to all the other "Wendas" out there, like her, looking for their own Waldo. "A good man is hard to find, so I wanted to show that by playing the modern-day 'Wenda' just looking for her lover, Waldo."

To pull this off, Cole set up 4 flashes. One was an AD200 with a magenta Gel to the right of the frame. A second AD200 flash with a MagSphere and magenta gel to the left to add that great color to the rest of the background was originally a blue wall. She then used one of her favorite MagMod modifiers, the MagSnoot, to add a pin light right on her face to neutralize the gelled light washing over her. This extra bit of controlled light also brought additional emphasis to her face and eyes. Lastly, she had an AD600 with a MagBox attached to lying on the floor to add a tad more light to the frame's bottom.

In the past, Cole has done many other super cool and inspiring shoots that are definitely worth checking out. She's one person that has been taking full advantage of her time during this pandemic. She loves stretching herself, trying new things, and practicing ways of using light and MagMod modifiers to take her photos to another level. We highly recommend you go follow her on Instagram at instagram.com/graphicole or visit her website at www.graphicole.com.

Thanks Cole for sharing!

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