MagMod's WPPI 2018 Lineup

WPPI 2018, the world's largest conference for wedding and portrait photographers is in Vegas, baby! Team MagMod's gonna be there, and our booth speakers are so money.

Drop by booth 133 and visit us for special WPPI-only pricing on all MagMod modifiers. You'll find us near the entrance, just behind Canon. Here's a map of the tradeshow floor.

Stick around for in-booth demonstrations from some of our favorite photographers. They'll be showing off some bomb diggity images and taking us behind the scenes to learn which speedlight modifiers and camera settings were used.

MagMod WPPI 2018 Booth Speaker Schedule


10:30AM - Jeff Watkins
11:30AM - Ning Wong
12:30PM - Joshua Frith
1:30PM - Ashley Fisher
2:30PM - Hiram Trillo


10:30AM - Paul Pruitt
11:30AM - Amii & Andy Kauth
12:30PM - Christine Diaz
1:30PM - Justin Haugen
2:30PM - Jared Gant


10:30AM - Jason Vinson
11:30AM - Raph Nogal
12:30PM - Carsten Schertzer
1:30PM - Dan Dalstra


Don't miss a single MagMod minute at WPPI. We've rounded up a comprehensive list of over 30 classes, talks and photo walks that will feature the world's fastest, strongest, easiest, simplest and awesome-est modifiers. 

Sunday, February 25

Trevor Dayley - Lighting Recipes - 2:30-4:00pm (Platform Class)

Monday, February 26

Bob and Dawn Davis - Triangle of Light - 8:00-2:00pm (Plus Class)
Phillip and Eileen Blume - From Posed to Playful! - 8:30-10:00am (PhotoWalk)
Eric Stoner - Overpowering the Sun with HSS - 8:30-10:00am (PhotoWalk)
Hiram Trillo - Editorial Anywhere - 8:30-10:00am (PhotoWalk)
Ning Wong - Off Camera Flash on the Go - 8:30-10:00am (PhotoWalk)
Bobbi Lane - Getting Creative with OCF - 10:30-12:30pm (Master Class)
Roger Tan - Adv. Lighting, Backlighting and Posing - 3:30-5:30pm (Master Class)
Amii and Andy Kauth - Up Your Getting Ready Game - 4:00-5:30pm (PhotoWalk)
Sean LeBlanc - Creating Dramatic Wedding Photos - 4:00-5:30pm (PhotoWalk)
JVS - The Editorial Portrait - 4:00-5:30pm - (PhotoWalk)

    Tuesday, February 26

    Tomayia Colvin - Spectacular Senior Portraits - 8:30-10:00am (Platform Class)
    Jos and Tree Woodsmith - Authenticity=Success - 8:30-10:00am (Platform Class)
    Easton Reynolds - One Light Storytelling - 8:30-10:00am (PhotoWalk)
    Tracey Taylor - The Art of the Wedding - 8:00-2:00pm (Plus Class)
    Frank Salas - Lighting the Complete Wedding - 3:30-5:30pm (Master Class)
    Marinos and Fundy - Your First $5000 Sale - 4:00-5:30pm (Platform Class)
    See ya at the show!
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