MagRing $79.95
3 Reviews

The MagRing is a magnetic speedring that makes attaching larger...

MagBox Gels
MagBox Gels $59.95
2 Reviews

This set of 8 rigid polycarbonate gels makes color correction...

MagBox 24" Octa FocusDiffuser
MagBox 24" Octa FocusDiffuser $109.95
2 Reviews

The FocusDiffuser offers a whole new way to modify your softbox....

MagBox Small Case
MagBox Small Case $119.95
3 Reviews

You've invested a lot in your gear. We designed the...

Control Kit
Control Kit On Sale $234.95 Regular price $249.75 Sold Out
5 Reviews

Capture cleaner and more consistent photographs with MagMod's Control Kit. Our...

MagBox 24" Octa
MagBox 24" Octa $179.95
2 Reviews

With time-saving features like a simple setup, integrated gel slot, magnetic...

MagMask Standard Set
MagMask Standard Set $34.95

MagMasks are our custom-made stainless steel 'gobos' that create patterns...

MagBeam Wide Lens
MagBeam Wide Lens $19.95

The MagBeam’s collapsible design isn’t just for portability. Collapse it...

MagBeam Tele Lens
MagBeam Tele Lens $19.95
4 Reviews

The MagBeam Tele Lens gives you super-focused light with a hard...

MagBucks Gift Card
MagBucks Gift Card From $50.00

Give the gift of magnetic modular flash modifiers. Choose MagBucks from...

Transmitter band
Transmitter Band 3-Pack $24.95 Sold Out
10 Reviews

Never leave a flash without one.