MagShoe - MagnetMod
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66 reviews

The MagShoe is a universal, ergonomic cold shoe bracket you...

MagSnoot - MagnetMod
MagSnoot $49.95
23 reviews

The MagSnoot is a versatile modifier that instantly collapses into...

MagSphere - MagnetMod
MagSphere $49.95 Sold Out
175 reviews

The MagSphere is a beautiful, omni-directional flash diffuser that gives...

MagWallet - MagnetMod
MagWallet $29.95
17 reviews

The MagGel Wallet can fit up to 24 Gels and 12...

Mega Kit - MagnetMod
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12 reviews

Want it all? MagMod's Mega Kit contains all of our...

Professional Flash Kit - MagnetMod
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MagMod’s Professional Flash Kit has everything you need to create...

Standard Gels - MagnetMod
Standard Gels $29.95
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Balancing your flash's color temperature has never been easier thanks...

Starter Flash Kit - MagnetMod
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MagMod’s Starter Flash Kit has all the basics you need...

Wedding Starter Kit - MagnetMod
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38 reviews

MagMod's Wedding Starter Kit is a curated collection of products...

1/4-20 Adapter - MagnetMod
1/4-20 Adapter $12.95 Sold Out
7 reviews

The 1/4-20 Adapter is a universal standard 1/4-20 threaded screw...

MagBox Pro 24 Octa - MagnetMod
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With time-saving features like the super fast zip on diffuser,...

MagBox Pro 36 Strip - MagnetMod
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The new MagBox Pro 36 Strip has time-saving features like...