MagBox 24" Octa Starter Kit

Soft Light Done Right
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This kit outfits you with the 3 core products you need to get crackin' with the MagBox system. Create beautiful, soft light quickly and easily with 1 or 2 speedlights using this starter kit.

*This product requires a MagGrip*

What's included

  • 1MagBox 24 Octa
  • 1MagRing
  • 1MagShoe
  • 1MagBox Fabric Diffuser

Soft Light, The MagMod Way

With 2 awesome diffusers, the MagBox makes it easy to control off camera softbox lighting. Bring your creative vision to life with the Fabric Diffuser or the FocusDiffuser. A multi-tasking grid, lens and diffuser in one, the FocusDiffuser lets you maximize the output of your flashes while limiting spill and keeping light soft. Combine either diffuser with a reusable polycarbonate MagBox Gel for quick and easy color correction.

See the difference
+ CTO Gel
+ CTO Gel

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Too bulky, disappointed

I was excited to receive my starter kick via Kickstarter, but my review is mixed. The magshoe is great. The magring is a decent solution for mounting two speed lights, which was my primary reason for purchase. The mg ring is a bit heavy for what it is. I feel like it could be slimmed down quite a bit, especially in the door area that acts as extra security for the lights. My primary disappointment is with the magbox itself. It is over engineered and as a result quite bulky. It’s also heavy for a soft box. I think this is a direct result of the materials used in construction. They are very nice quality, but I don’t think attention was paid to how much the materials contribute to the weight of the system. The promos show ambassadors taking the magbox on location everywhere, but mine will never leave the studio. Once everything is assembled and lights are loaded, this system is impractical for travel.


Lauren, thank you for your input. It is super valuable. There is always room for improvement in everything and feedback like yours is helpful to that end. The product development team had a cool challenge to find a balance between several needs - durability, portability, and security. The balance between these very important needs was a healthy compromise resulting in the MagBox system. Okay, I'm going to throw some numbers your way because, well, numbers are awesome and it's ridiculous to see what the MagBox system was able to accomplish. If we break it down into three parts, I think we begin to see the whole system in a different light... hahaha "light" :) First, the MagBox softbox. Industry siblings weigh around 2.0 lbs, while the MagBox is 2.6 lbs without the MagRing. The light extra weight allows for super quick no hassle set up and teardown, no bounce plate, and the best light distribution out of any Softbox. Second, the MagRing. Weighs 0.14 lbs and allows for two speedlights. Put two AD 200s in the MagRing and you're looking at 5.1 lbs. and they are both very secure. Switch the AD200s out for two Godox V860 in the MagRing and that weighs 3.14 lbs. Compare that to one Elinchrom studio strobe light with no attachments at 4.13 lbs. A little lighter Speedlight or a little heavier and you have at your disposal fantastic lighting where ever you can walk. Third, The MagShoe. Weighing in at 5.9 oz this thing takes on the weight of the world and doesn't even fuss about it. Each one of these parts gives more versatility with your existing equipment because you're not limited to one light source, modular equipment options because MagMod likes to make things that work together, more location accessibility, and a list of options that keep on giving. I know I kinda went ape nuts on the numbers but I hope this helps to give some perspective on the decisions made and why they were made.

Josh Lynn

Tough, well thought out product. Simple

I've been photographing weddings for over two decades, suffice to say I have seen or used multiple light modifiers over this time. I've also destroyed multiple modifiers.. ;) Once the Magbox arrived I was really impressed with its build quality, This thing just feels strong. Its almost comparable to how when you put on a shirt by Hugo Boss you can FEEL it was made well. (yeah, I am going to go with that) One thing I've always appreciated about all MagMod products is you can see and appreciate how they think about every little thing. i.e. the lever to remove the Magbox, The different colors for each side etc. The focus diffuser is really interesting sorcery. I have no idea how they did it but its amazing to say the least. With that said, I do wish the strap was adjustable, or two D rings so one can add their own strap... :)


WOOT WOOT! Josh, thanks for sharing your experiences. That focus diffuser is straight out of a Dr. Strange comic. We have heard suggestions for a Dring option for the bag and we are rolling all that up to our product development team.

Frank Zayas

Well-worth the wait

I am very happy with the Magbox and its components. Since it I got it two weeks ago I have used it quite a bit in the studio and on location. I love the ease of use and the extra flash power it gives me by letting me team up two AD 200 flashes or two speedlights depending on my needs. The setup and takedown is quick and easy. The materials are rugged and the focus diffuser works as advertised. The mag grip is pure gold. I wish I'd ordered a couple more. My only negative is I wish they would have fitted the carry bag with another metal ring on the opposite end so you could attach a shoulder strap. That was the only misstep in an otherwise flawless design.

laura moore


While visiting the magmod booth at WPPI, one of their guys grabbed me for a quick "headshot" right there on the floor. ****** expo lighting. fluorescent grey-blue hue and a ton of clutter in the background. within 5 seconds - a mag box to my right and a little gridded sphere for hairlight, the result was rich, creamy and pretty darn impressive. I've been on the fence with adding more gadgets to my arsenal but the speed and quality of image that this magbox set up is a game changer.


Versatility for sure

I have several larger light boxes but these are too cumbersome to take down and used remote ad-hoc. The OCTA works well in studio and then can be packed up and taken remote easily. The use of adapters for lighting with magnets makes the versatility literally "a snap". Its easy and simple.

Carsten Schertzer

I'm not a soft box kinda guy, but this thing has turned me into one.

I used to be not much of a soft box user, but this thing is so easy to set up and use that I am constantly blown away. It has become one of my most used lighting accessories.

One Big, Happy Family

MagBox products integrate seamlessly with the rest of your MagMod gear. So go ahead and try things you've never tried before: stack up rigid gels, stack multiple modifiers or switch deftly back and forth between large and small light sources. Nailing the perfect image—and knowing you can do it quickly and easily without fail—unlocks a whole new world of creative confidence.

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MagMod is backed up with a no-nonsense 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you do not enjoy your purchase, please return it in its original condition for a full refund.

MagMod is also covered by a Limited Warranty.