Introducing MagMod 2

MagMod 2

The New MagRing 2


Indoor Rain Shoot with the New MagMod 2

How I Shot It, MagMod 2

Using MagMod 2 in a Studio Setting

MagGrip 2, MagSphere 2, Pro Gels

Testing Out the New MagMod Modifiers in the Cold

MagGrip 2, MagSphere 2, Pro Gels

Using MagMod 2 in a Portable Studio Setting

MagRing 2

Capturing Action Portraits with MagMod 2

MagRing 2

Creative Wedding Portraits with MagMod 2

MagMod MagBox: The Radically Awesome Universal Flash Softbox System

MagBox, MagRing, MagShoe

MagMod MagShoe: The Baller Coldshoe Bracket of the Future

MagShoe, MagBox, MagRing

Trevor Dayley's Top 10 Favorite Things About the New MagBox System

MagMod MagBox on Location

MagBox, MagShoe, MagRing

Why We Love MagMod - Christian Cardona

Behind the scenes, Ambassador

Why I Love MagMod – Cami Grudzinski

Behind the scenes, Ambassador