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One grid to rule them all.

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Molded from a single piece of silicone rubber, the MagGrid’s carefully optimized beam pattern provides even light coverage and eliminates unwanted light spill, allowing photographers to capture cleaner and more consistent photographs between shots.

Quality Guaranteed

MagMod is backed up with a no-nonsense 
90 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you do not enjoy your purchase, please return it in its original condition for a full refund.

MagMod is also covered by a 
Limited Warranty.


Speedlite grids done right.

Nothing to lose. Nothing to break. Faster than lightning.

We’ve taken the typical grid and redesigned it, making our MagGrid a super durable, magnetized honeycomb grid.

Your light control
Kung Fu is strong.

A single MagGrid focuses your light into a precision 40 degree beam pattern with minimal spill and hotspots. Add a second MagGrid to get an even tighter. Add additional MagGrids for even greater control.

Boom: better light control that’s faster than fast.

Add a MagGrid to change light

One grid to rule them all.

Having just one grid design means you’ll never second guess which grid you grabbed from your bag when you’re shooting in a dark or fast-paced environment.

Even if you lose a grid (which we’re not saying you’d ever do), you can’t lose your favorite one.
Cause they’re all interchangeable,
and perfectly consistent.

Because you can never have
too many modifiers.

With the MagGrip on your flash, you can instantly (and quietly!) add our magnetic modifiers to control the color, shape, and level of light in your shot.

Stack as many MagMod modifiers on top of the MagGrip as your heart desires—in any order. Go nuts. Get creative.

With MagMod gear simplifying your process, you can actually focus on your photography.

In The Box

(1) MagGrid

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Magnets Damage My Camera Gear?

Will magnets damage my camera gear?

In as few words as possible, we can confidently say: ABSOLUTELY NOT.
But to make you feel a bit more comfortable about the idea of having powerful magnets around sensitive electronics, we made a video showing you how magnets are completely safe around flashes, cameras, memory cards, radio transmitters, and other sensitive electronics we use everyday as photographers.



To further prove that our magnets won’t harm the vast majority of your electronic equipment, we ran the same test against our iPhone and Macbook.  The iPhone and Macbook both have solid-state hard drives, which is the same type of storage as your CF and SD memory cards.  As long as your electronic devices are using solid-state media, your electronics are going to be just fine around magnets.  In fact, most smartphones and tablets today have magnets inside if the devices themselves!


We do want you to be aware of certain types of electronics that should definitely be kept far away from all types of magnets, including:

  • older spinning hard drives
  • credit cards
  • older televisions
  • speakers
  • and most importantly, pacemakers.
What Is The Beam Angle For The MagGrid?

A single MagGrid produces a 40° beam angle.  Because of MagMod’s patent-pending modular design, you can alter your beam angle even more by stacking additional MagGrids on top of each other.  If you stack (2) MagGrids, you’ll produce a 20° beam angle.  Stacking (3) MagGrids will yield a 15° beam angle.  You can stack up to 8 MagGrids to achieve a 5° beam angle, but we do not recommend using more than (4) MagGrids at once. If you’d like to stack more than (3) MagGrids, we would recommend using the MagSnoot as it will be a tad easier to adjust and control your light.

To learn even more about the MagGrid or MagSnoot, discover more about each modifier and how it can improve your photography.

Can I Purchase with PayPal

Yes you can!  PayPal is one of two options you can currently use to complete your purchase at checkout.  If you have selected PayPal as your preferred method of payment, upon check out you will be redirected to PayPal’s secure site to finalize your transaction.

Please be aware that if you do not complete the payment process with PayPal, your order will be marked as pending in our system, and we will not ship out your order until you have completed the payment process.  If you think your payment via PayPal was not completed correctly, please check your order status and finalize the payment.

How Can I Get Free Shipping?

Free Shipping is available for every order shipped to a USA address that is over $100.  Thats it!  If you have not yet reached our Free Shipping cut-off, the shopping cart will inform you if you need to purchase more MagMod swag in order to qualify for free shipping.

31 reviews
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Jorald Hartoonian

Finally we got something useable! Good quality and amazing product! I am buying more and more!


The MagGrid does a good job of controlling the spill and helping avoid lens flare, making it handy when using the flash as an accent light, or simply to avoid contaminating certain areas of your scene with unwanted light. With a grid plus gel stacked combo, nothing rattles, and everything stays perfectly in place, almost like it is an integrated part of the speedlite.
– 1 Grid alone is a nice 40-degree beam
– 2 grids will provide a very tight 20-degrees and,
– 3 grids will give you a 15-degree beam.

Mike Berg

Love the entire kit! My favorite is the grid and it’s ability to shape the light to just the area that you want light. I also love the gels and how they are built! Quality products for Professional Photographers! I would recommend any of their products to anyone that wants to create, creative light! Had my Granddaughter here over the holidays and WOW, the photos that were created!

Michael Jin

The MagGrid has a pretty straightforward objective and performs it wonderfully. Like everything MagMod, it’s built to high quality with a design that keeps the photographer at the forefront. If you want more control and less spill in your lighting, get yourself one of these (or more as you can stack them for even more control) and it will put a smile on your face.

Lear Miller

These grids really help to control speedlight spill and direct the light exactly where you want it for a dramatic look.

They can get easily dusty from the magnetic charge but clean right up once you rinse them off in water.

Bottom line:
They are the only way to go for grids on speedlights and have really changed the way I shoot wedding receptions.

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