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The MagSnoot is a versatile modifier that instantly collapses into 4 different stages to give you 4 unique beam patterns for precise control over your light — delivering never-before-seen versatility from such a simple design thanks to its singular molded rubber construction that is compact, flexible, and highly durable.

Quality Guaranteed

MagMod is backed up with a no-nonsense 
90 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you do not enjoy your purchase, please return it in its original condition for a full refund.

MagMod is also covered by a 
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4 different stages + 2 gels = 1 uber-snoot

Ideal as a hair light or highlight, the MagSnoot funnels the light of your flash into a focused beam.

Its unique, collapsible design delivers incredible control with unheard of simplicity. Product, commercial, and portrait photographers rejoice.

Expand MagSnoot to change light

More control.
Less fuss.

Want even more control?
Pop up to 2 gels into the MagSnoot’s integrated gel slot to modify the temperature, hue, or density of light for even more control.

Creative Gel Set
Artistic Gel Set
Select a gel to change color

One part gymnast.
Another part bodybuilder.

Made from a solid piece of silicone rubber, the MagSnoot is strong but flexible. It literally squishes into tight spaces, but pops back open in under a second when you’re ready to use it.

Expand or contract the MagSnoot through 4 stages to form your beam of light in 4 different ways quickly and easily.

In The Box

• (1) MagSnoot
• (1) Microfiber Carrying Pouch

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Magnets Damage My Camera Gear?

Will magnets damage my camera gear?

In as few words as possible, we can confidently say: ABSOLUTELY NOT.
But to make you feel a bit more comfortable about the idea of having powerful magnets around sensitive electronics, we made a video showing you how magnets are completely safe around flashes, cameras, memory cards, radio transmitters, and other sensitive electronics we use everyday as photographers.



To further prove that our magnets won’t harm the vast majority of your electronic equipment, we ran the same test against our iPhone and Macbook.  The iPhone and Macbook both have solid-state hard drives, which is the same type of storage as your CF and SD memory cards.  As long as your electronic devices are using solid-state media, your electronics are going to be just fine around magnets.  In fact, most smartphones and tablets today have magnets inside if the devices themselves!


We do want you to be aware of certain types of electronics that should definitely be kept far away from all types of magnets, including:

  • older spinning hard drives
  • credit cards
  • older televisions
  • speakers
  • and most importantly, pacemakers.
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Please be aware that if you do not complete the payment process with PayPal, your order will be marked as pending in our system, and we will not ship out your order until you have completed the payment process.  If you think your payment via PayPal was not completed correctly, please check your order status and finalize the payment.

How Can I Get Free Shipping?

Free Shipping is available for every order shipped to a USA address that is over $100.  Thats it!  If you have not yet reached our Free Shipping cut-off, the shopping cart will inform you if you need to purchase more MagMod swag in order to qualify for free shipping.

15 reviews
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Soohyun Kim

Incredible quality! Love it!!!

John Guest Jr

I went to Shutterfest 2017. Magmod was at the event, I tried the product out and it took my photography to the next level. I’m so pleased with my purchase.

Diana Huth

I saw some photos using different MagMod modifiers and then discovered a group on FB just for shots taken using these wonderful tools! I am shooting a wedding up in the hills next month and wanted something to help me create some dramatic lighting since I will have nothing but the stars to work with! I purchased a few items including the MagSnoot. OMG!!! I could not be happier! I did a shoot with a friend of mine and MAN! I am blown away! The MagSnoot focuses the light in a small area, lighting up just the portion of the photo you want. I cannot wait to do this wedding! Thanks MagMod for coming up with great tools that are light and easy to haul! Super quick to change modifiers! Now I’m going to get some of the filters! I am hooked!


The snoot is wonderful for my work of still life. It packs small and is SO easy to use!

Kelly M

The Magsnoot sounds ridiculous, but it’s really fantastic. I love shooting in low light situations and this has really allowed me to turn up the drama. It’s a spotlight for the real world and really helps bring focus to your subjects. The adjustable size is super convenient and I love the flexibility it allows.

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