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Read what photographers and bloggers around the world have to say about MagMod. It even made us blush.

The MagSphere has helped us in two big ways: First, being able to soften the light during the portraits with our couples, and second, allowing us to get in the middle of the dance floor when there isn’t anything to bounce our flash off of, but still having much nicer light than with a direct flash.

The MagSphere has given us photos in open-air venues that we’ve never been able to get before.

MagMod has been making quite the buzz in the industry over the last year and there is good reason why. As they say on their website, “MagMod is the simplest, easiest, strongest, and fastest speedlite modifier system, period.”

The beauty of the MagSphere is the ability to flood or focus the light in a way that I simply couldn’t achieve with any other on-camera flash modifier. Gorgeous soft light where you need it, and when you have to punch it you can take advantage of the flash’s zoom capability. The light transmission through the MagSphere is unreal.

I feel extremely confident with this literally rolled up in my pocket, ready to go at a moments notice. And moments are what we’re going for right?

Brian Marcus

The ability to really know how the image will play itself out is so rewarding and powerful. Now it’s all about finding a beautiful setting and simply placing your subject or subjects where you’d like, dialing in the flash, and illuminating however and whichever way you’d like. With MagMod, I am in total control and that’s what I love.

Emily & Steve Puente

Before using MagMod, we were always looking for ways to creatively light our subjects with available light. All too often we found ourselves forced to make the best out of poorly lit rooms throughout a wedding day. Our images were great, but we knew that they could be even better.

With MagMod we feel confident in going into any situation and creating dramatic light ourselves. The control, speed, and precision of our MagMod kit has enabled us to create the images that we have always envisioned creating. Even more than that, it has opened our eyes to new and better ways to tell the stories of our clients.

Paul Pruitt

As an original MagMod supporter I had high expectations that their new diffusers would solve common issues that I faced as a busy working photographer. Once the MagBounce was in my hand, it was a no brainer. I was instantly able to achieve a nice soft diffused light on my subjects without having to deal with velcro, or gaffers tape.

Before shooting with MagMod, modifiers felt more inconvenient and I was unable to make things happen when light was needed the way I wanted to.

Now that I have MagMod modifiers, I can shape light quickly and accurately when needed without much effort. It is also a huge space saver in my bag. The convenience of the MagMod system is unmatched in its category.

Jon-Mark Wiltshire

Before MagMod, shooting was filled with loud velcro that couldn’t be adjusted at key moments during a wedding day. Modifiers were clunky and I had to use several different brands of products to accomplish what I wanted to. Velcro looked and felt amateur.

MagMod has opened up opportunities for better and more precise lighting when and how I need it. Regardless of what I need, I can combine different MagMod modifiers to get the look I want. I use lighting modifiers way more now because I can easily carry everything I need with me because of MagMod.

Before MagMod, we relied on flimsy and cumbersome grids + gels to modify light. Grids weren’t really stackable and they were bulky thus taking quite a bit of space in our bags. And they were costly for what they were.

Being able to execute a photographer’s vision is key to any great image and that starts with having the right tools like MagMod. Using MagMod gear has simplified the overall lighting process and allows us to focus on the creative process while producing portraits.

Tracie Maglosky

Before using MagMod, I was tied down to heavy stands and sand bags to keep my light modifiers from falling over in outdoor applications. Set up was time consuming and cumbersome.

Since using MagMod modifiers, my setup time has greatly decreased and my clients have a much better experience during photo shoots. MagMod has helped me maximize opportunities by keeping my lighting setup mobile, lightweight, and diverse!!

MagMod is the best designed solution for portable strobe light modification.

MagMod has made my use of lighting modifiers far more efficient and given me some other options that I didn’t have before!

Dan Dalstra

Before MagMod, I used the type of modifiers I would velcro onto my flash head. They always fell off. Always. I also DIY’ed up a grid spot made from cocktail straws and a cereal box. Talk about professional looking!

Now with MagMod, it is so easy now to grab what I need and put it into use. Gone are the days of hunting for the velcro strap or worrying if the grid was simply going to fall off while setting up my light. MagMod just works. Every time.

Kenn Foo

MagMod is just a God-sent flash modifier for me! From minutes of setups with conventional modifiers, to just under 3 seconds with MagMod.

Now, my clients wont even have time to stretch their legs. It has completely changed my shooting experience and my client’s experience as well! Shooting fast and efficiently is a complete confidence booster in any portrait session.

Breanna Shaw

Before MagMod, dramatic off camera lighting was a thing reserved for weddings. I’d have an assistant hold the light stand and make sure the softbox or umbrella didn’t blow over in the wind. It wasn’t something I could feasibly do on my own for a portrait session, so they were all scheduled at times that worked for natural light only.

With MagMod I can get the same quality of light I was getting from my larger, less portable modifiers without needing to worry about wind or needing an assistant with me on every shoot!

Breanna Shaw

With MagMod, I have the versatility to move quickly and change the modifiers much faster than with any other system – allowing me to make the most of a wedding day time crunch. With how easy it is to change a modifier, I’m feeling more inspired to play and create unique art for my clients!

Sean McCormack

Before MagMod, mounting modifiers onto a speedlite was cumbersome. It often involved sticky velcro that would leave gunk on the flash. For gels, it was standard flimsy theatre gel that crumpled and occasionally blew away. Getting a good seal to prevent white light leaking was a pain.

With MagMod, it’s much easier to get the right tool ready quickly, or swap to different modifiers to experiment, with no fear of them falling off. Want tighter light control with colour? Just throw on a MagGrid or a MagSnoot with your gel. MagMod took this from being awkward to being a delight.

Get your MagMod flash modifiers, it’s worth it.

With MagMod, it’s easier to be creative. MagMod takes all the hassle out of trying different lighting ideas. I used to think, “forget that idea, don’t have time to build the components.” Now, pop on a MagGrid, MagGel, MagSphere, or MagBounce and give it a go.

Before shooting with MagMod, I was frustrated. A LOT. I didn’t have nearly the control I wanted over my speed lights and even when I did buy modifiers, they were cumbersome and, frankly, annoying. I had to put all different type of attachments on for a bunch of different types of things. Even then, the control wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

With MagMod my shooting has changed tremendously. I am more confident with my lighting and the control I have over it. MagMod is more precise and the light quality has increased dramatically. I now use MagMod system at every wedding all throughout the day.

Emily & Steven Puente

Before we added MagMods to our lighting kit, we didn’t even bother to bring our flashes to engagement sessions or on wedding days. All of our speedlites stayed in the car until the reception started. We only shot bare bulb on our off camera flashes because most of our existing modifiers were too bulky and clumsy to be reliable during a fast paced wedding.

We now have the ability to always have grids, gels, and light softeners at the ready at any time on a wedding day. MagMod sets up quickly and give us unprecedented control over the quality of light coming from our speedlites. We are now excited to bring our flashes with us during every part of a wedding day!

I describe my life before MagMod like a continuos search and spend of the right tool to modify the shape of my speedlight. I bought several other modifiers and honestly, I just quit using them. They were too complicated to setup in such a brief time during my events and I was always uncertain if I got the light shaping I wanted.

MagMod has opened new ways to create different photographs, in an easy and fast way. All this translated in a more creative photography. What other light modifier systems would take me 5-10 minutes to set up, it only takes me seconds with MagMod!

Tony Hart

I use a lot of speedlites for my wedding work, and I generally shot them bare bulb because it was hard to find modifiers that could be deployed quickly. Even if they could be attached in a hurry, often they were breakable, fiddly, or resulted in fairly poor light quality. 95% of the time this meant that I stuck with a bare speedlite setup as it was simpler and the resulting light was predictable.

MagMod has made modifiers an easy choice rather than a frustrating hassle. With MagMod, when I need a modifier, there isn’t any barrier to using it. MagMod can be deployed quickly, they’re virtually bombproof, and the light quality is superb. A bare speedlite is still a hugely useful tool, but when a modifier helps refine the result – as they often do – MagMod makes the process simpler, faster, and more successful.

Marco Ciampelli

Before MagMod it was a nightmare when it came to sticking gel filters to the flash, using only what I had, and risking it to fall mid-shoot. It was annoying, uncomfortable, and time consuming.

Using MagMod is much faster and efficient because the only thing I really need to do when using MagMod is choose the gel filter I want, and attach it. It’s so fast and efficient!

Jeff Foley

Before MagMod was like being a caveman with photography equipment. I used to lug softboxes through crowded area to use with my Canon flashes, and velcro gels to those flashes, and hope like heck that they would stay put.

MagMod products have smoothed out my lighting workflow, and they have made my work better. Now I rarely struggle with bulky softboxes or velcro that doesn’t want to stick. I can focus more on the light and less on the process thanks to MagMod!

I was able to spend more time on shooting and less on managing the equipment.

Ricks Reviews

The MagMod system is a great way to expand the possibilities of your Speedlight. You are only limited by your own creativity as you can stack different MagMod accessories to create new effects. The possibilities are virtually endless. Add that to the nice materials they’re made of and the practical use of magnets and you have a very useful flash modifier system.

Before MagMod, shooting was cumbersome and really annoying! Trying to keep the modifiers on the flash never worked…and don’t get me started about gels.

I use MogMod modifiers so much now, and I’m no longer worried about the time need to set up my lighting. It has allowed me to be more creative which is very important in this business!

With MagMod there is no more fumbling–grids, gels, and modifiers just snap into place. Place the speed light on a stand, put on a modifier, and you are working. The speedlight controls are out where you can see them and/or you can check ready lights without opening up a soft box.

MagMod has made my life easier–no more stress to set up speedlites. I’m more reactive to situations without having to break down a clumsy modifier to change things around.

I had tried a few different modifiers on my speedlights before MagMod, and they were clunky and annoying to use. They also required attaching things to my flashes with adhesives. I had tried one of those “famous” rubber modifiers and I found it heavy and way overpriced.

MagMod has made shooting so much simpler and easier. I don’t have to permanently alter my flashes just to add modifiers. The products are lightweight, built tough, and easy to transport. I love the results I get from my MagMod gear and I’ll continue to buy and use these products.

I photograph a lot of on location portraiture and like the light quality of large sotboxes and parabolic umbrellas, but sometimes shooting outdoors can mean dealing with a lot of windy conditions. Wind doesn’t play nice with most modifier options.

When I discovered MagMod modifiers I immediately saw the potential using this product to solve the issue of the wind forcing me to abandon my softboxes or umbrellas, in particular the MagSphere. By grouping together an array of speed lights with multiple MagSpheres I was able to create a virtually box-less “softbox”.

Using MagMod modifiers has allowed me to pack a much lighter kit for a location shoot and leave my softbox or umbrella behind while still achieving the soft light quality of those cumbersome options. And when the wind kicks up, I keep on shooting because the MagMod solution isn’t affected by it.

I have tried a bunch of different light modifiers before MagMod. In the end I always felt like I was wrestling with my gear, and hope I could keep it all together. One thing I’ve learned as a photographer is that situations and circumstances can change – and often do so very quickly.

MagMod gives me the ability to adapt to those changes very quickly and still get shots that I want without having to struggle with my gear. It feels secure. It’s quick, and there is no fumbling around. When I’m on on a shoot and need to change quickly, I can do it without thinking and just keep shooting.

Andy Davison

Before MagMod I struggled to accurately control the direction and quality of light output from my speedlights.

Thanks to MagMod, I’m able to work faster, travel lighter, and tackle more complex and creative lighting setups with confidence.

Eric McCalister

Before MagMod, I moved slower and with less light control. I wrestled with and broke softboxes, tore expensive grids, and chased light stands in the wind. While these tools still have their place, in my day-to-day shooting, a stack of MagMod kit is all I need in my bag.

There has never been a shortage of gadgety light modifiers that all pretty much did one thing well and a lot of things poorly. What MagMod has done for me is provided me with a modular system that can be configured to do a lot of things VERY well, all in a fast to use and easy to carry format.

Jete Devisser

I am a lighting amateur, and before MagMod, I couldn’t figure out how the heck to get a controlled beam of light, or what I needed to change the color of the light. I would attempt to replicate lighting scenarios seen in the work of some of my favorite artists, and couldn’t even get close.

Now I love love love the look I can get by using the MagMod Grid to selectively lighten a specific part of the frame! It creates amazing drama and draws the viewer’s eye exactly where I want it. I also love how convenient it is to just slap a gel on when I need it. It’s made my transition into using off camera lighting easier and more exciting.

Aimee Geis

I never shot much off camera flash before investing in MagMod products because I was limited in what I could do. I would shoot with just a bare speed light and hated the harsh or limited ability it had.

Now that I have several MagMod pieces, my desire to learn and shoot more with speed lights is quickly growing, which means my ability to provide more options for my clients is also growing. Shooting head shots now has gotten so fun with all the different gels and the ease of being able to use them. I feel more confident with everything I use also because my equipment now feels completely professional. Buying more speed lights and more MagMod products is definitely in my future!

Before MagMod Velcro was the tool of trade. You would stick on your speed-light to attach other modifier. This trick is still being used by a lot of photographers today. Now thanks to MagMod I don’t need to apply Velcro to my gear anymore. The bonus also is the room saved in my camera bag because of MagMod.

I have only been using MagMod for about one month, but it cuts down the setup time a lot. Working outdoors I no need to worry about wind knocking over my soft boxes and umbrellas. This is the best flash modifier system I have ever worked with.

MagMod would have to be one of the slickest speedlight modifiers created so far.

Before MagMod, I had a box of modifiers that I would rummage through to accomplish a shoot.

Now I have four components that literally pop on and off to achieve the same results in a matter of seconds. It’s amazing how simple MagMod is.

Joshua Rose

MagMod allows me to transition a shot much faster and easier than before. I won’t even get into the fact that they break down and transport easier than the other solutions out there. If you are looking for THE system to modify any kind of speedlite, stop searching, you have found them.