Reflector XL

The MagMod Reflector XL is the first collapsible reflector built with an extremely durable design, complete with MagMod’s patented magnetic modular light modification design. The Reflector XL makes it easier than ever to control, diffuse, and dial in the perfect color balance. Not only is the collapsible design more durable than any metal-construction reflector would ever hope to be, but it also manages to be more compact while giving you 2 different beam angles to boot. Talk about versatility!

Professional Grade Light Output

Metallic flake interior coating is efficient and distributes light more evenly, eliminating hotspots.

Magnetic Meets Modular

MagMod’s patented magnetic, modular design is a first of its kind — giving photographers the ability to attach multiple light-shaping modifiers at the same time. Plus, the Reflector XL is universal, meaning it has the power to shape the light from nearly any flash brand and utilize additional modifiers, such as gels, in ways that were previously not possible.

Collapsible & Durable

First ever collapsible, multi-stage reflector. This gives you 2 unique beam patterns while keeping the footprint smaller for easier portability.

Premium Material — Professional Grade Durability

MagMod’s Reflector XL is designed to outlast even the most expensive metal reflectors on the market. Made from durable silicone with an embedded hardened steel ring, you don’t have to worry about damaging your reflector — or compromising your quality of light — no matter how intensive the shoot.

Future Proof — Built For The Long Haul

Say goodbye to the days of needing to upgrade your entire modifier system when upgrading your flash — with the MagMod XL system you get a removable base that is easy to replace, which gives your modifier a longer, more versatile lifespan.


MagSphere XL

The MagSphere XL delivers enhanced diffusion quality and is a budget-friendly alternative to small softboxes for larger strobe flashes. Instantly shape your flash into a soft, omni-directional bare-bulb light source that works perfectly in off-camera flash environments and equally well in the studio.

Durable Silicone

Designed with professional grade silicone rubber, the MagSphere XL can be squished, scrunched, or squeezed to fit into any backpack or camera bag.

Magnetic Meets Modular

MagMod pioneered magnetic, modular modifiers, and the MagSphere XL was designed to stack with the MagGrid XL or to be used in tandem with Dome Gels to offer even greater control over your light quality.

The Same Awesome Product — Now Bigger And Better

Get all of the same capabilities and features from our best-selling MagSphere 2 —now optimized for use with larger strobe flashes using either our XL Reflector or with the MagRing 2.

Fast, Easy Attachment

MagMod’s magnetic attachment system is fast, secure, and easier than ever. Mount and modify your Reflector XL for use with strobes, or the MagRing 2 for use with speedlites, and diffuse and control your light shaping faster than fast.

MagGrid XL

Our best-selling MagGrid 2 reinvented for larger strobe flashes with the same high-quality magnetic modular silicone rubber design—now with 2 beam angles for greater control over your light control.

Multiple Options, Tighter Control

40° and 20° grids control flash spill, puts light exactly where you want it.

Durability Redefined

Designed with industrial-grade silicone rubber, the MagGrid XL can be squished, scrunched, or even run over with a car—it won’t chip or break like traditional metal or plastic grid designs.

Stackable for Greater Control

Stack two 40° MagGrid XL’s for a 20° beam. Stack two 20° MagGrid XL’s for a 10° beam. Now that’s versatile!

Dome Gels

Achieving perfect color control is now easier than ever thanks to MagMod’s Dome Gels. They’re practically indestructible, which means you can enjoy the precise color calibration and universal design on any shoot, on almost any strobe — past, present, and future.

Stack multiple Dome Gels to dial in precision color effects and use them with the Reflector XL or MagBox Pro.

Designed To Adapt

The new MagMod Dome Gels weren't designed for any specific brand—they were designed for use with most modern strobe flashes with or without flash tubes. Use the Dome Gels with both the Reflector XL and our award-winning MagBox Pro softboxes for even greater versatility in flash gelling!

Fast, Easy Attachment

MagMod pioneered the simple and fast attachment method of gelling flashes, giving photographers the ability to quickly and easily stack multiple colors to dial in the perfect color, density, and hue of your light.

Virtually Indestructible

The ultra-durable, rigid polycarbonate gel material is virtually indestructible. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. Stand on it, jump on it, crush it under your camera gear — the dome gels are built to last and will not shatter or break.

Case XL

Give your MagMod XL modifiers the security and protection it deserves with the MagMod Case XL, designed specifically for the MagMod XL modifiers. Its semi-rigid construction is durable enough to protect your modifiers from the wear and tear of frequent use while also being lightweight and portable. Strap it to the base of your light stand as a storage system or counter-weight, or even add your own strap with the attached D-rings for convenient use on location. 

A Perfect Fit For The XL System

The MagMod Case XL is an optimized storage solution that fits the entire MagMod XL product line — and does it in durable, protective, intuitive style.

Dynamic Strap

Connect your MagMod XL Case to a lightstand with the attached adjustable strap, making it easier to transport your MagMod XL products safely.


Use the sewn-inD-rings on each side of the case to attach it to different lighting setups or use it with your preferred strap for an adaptive, personalized experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strobes & lights are compatible with the Reflector XL?

One of the major goals in releasing our XL line is to make our modifiers more accessible to folks that use monolights, studio strobes, and even some video lights.  So naturally one of the first questions that might come to mind is, 'Will this be compatible with my light?'  While we haven't tested every light under the sun (pun!), the below are the makes and models of dozens that we know are compatible.

Monolights / Studio Strobes:

Angler: Glamour*

Flashpoint: XPLOR 400(pro), XPLOR600(pro), BLAZ 300-V, BLAZ 200-V, Rapid 1200II, Studio 300 R2*, Studio 300II-V, Studio 400*, Studio 400II-V, Studio Pro III-V, 1220M* 

Geekoto: GT400

Godox: AD400 (pro), AD600 (pro), SK400, MS200-V, QS400, QS600, QS122II*, DP300III*, DP400III*, DP400III-V, DP600III-V, DP800-V, DP1000-V, DS400II*, QT400IIIM, QT600, QT1200,  GS400II*, DS300

Impact: VSD160*, VSD400*, VC500WLN*, VSLCD400*, 180Ws Monolight

Interfit: Badger, Honey Badger, S1, S1a

Neewer: ML300, Vision4, S101*

Photoflex: StarFlash*

Profoto: B10, B10X, B10X Plus, B1X, D2, D2 Industrial 

Rime Lite: I.4 TTL400Ws

Westcott: FJ400

Bowens S-mount Bracket: Any strobe/monolight that can be correctly fitted with it

Lights with tungsten modeling lights are not compatible with Dome Gels when the modeling light is installed. But they'll work great with just the flash tube. 

Video Lights**:

Aputure: LS 60, LS120, LS 300, LS 600 Amaran 150c, Amaran 300c, Amaran 200, Amaran 100

Feelworld: FL125

Godox: SL150, SL200, SL300II


Neewer: CB60, CB200

** Due to the heat they offput, it is NOT recommended to use our Dome Gels with video lights. We've found the lights that work best are ones with built in exhaust fans. MagMod is not responsible for any damage caused.

Can I use MagMod XL with a speedlite?

The MagMod XL line of products was designed and optimized for the use with studio strobes but can be adapted to use with Speedlights in combination with an S-Bracket. You can also use the MagSphere XL and the MagGrid XL with the a MagRing! 

Does it work with the Profoto A2?

Unfortunately, because of the smaller size and design of the Profoto A2, the Reflector XL Profoto Mount will not fit.

 I have an Elinchrom / Paul C Buff / Other mount style strobe?  Will you be releasing mounts for them too?

We currently are not releasing other mounts at this time as the Bowen’s & Profoto are the two most popular. The removable base in the Reflector XL allows for future mounts or if you ever decide to switch systems.

Do my previous MagBox Gels work in the Reflector XL?

Unfortunately, no. They were only designed for the MagBoxes, BUT the Dome Gels work both in the Reflector XL and all MagBoxes!

Can I use the Reflector XL with my video lights?

Yes, you can but, we recommend that you use caution. The Reflector XL will fit most video lights with a Bowen’s Style Mount. We have found lights that work best are ones with built-in exhaust fans. MagMod is not responsible for any damage caused by using The Reflector XL on video lights.

How fast will items ship?

All MagMod XL Products are in-stock and Ship out within 2 business days!