MagBox 24" Octa Pro Kit

Soft Light Done Right
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This is the ultimate kit for busy photographers. Get the maximum benefit out of MagMod's dope magnetic softbox with a bundle that includes the MagBox, MagRing and MagShoe, plus a FocusDiffuser and gels for extra light control, and an awesome case to store it all in.

*This product requires a MagGrip*

What's included

  • 1MagBox 24 Octa
  • 1MagBox 24 FocusDiffuser
  • 1MagBox Fabric Diffuser
  • 1MagRing
  • 1MagShoe + 1/4-20 Adapter
  • 1MagBox Small Case
  • 1MagBox Correction Gels

Soft Light, The MagMod Way

With 2 awesome diffusers, the MagBox makes it easy to control off camera softbox lighting. Bring your creative vision to life with the Fabric Diffuser or the FocusDiffuser. A multi-tasking grid, lens and diffuser in one, the FocusDiffuser lets you maximize the output of your flashes while limiting spill and keeping light soft. Combine either diffuser with a reusable polycarbonate MagBox Gel for quick and easy color correction.

See the difference
+ CTO Gel
+ CTO Gel

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Its Fantastic

Seriously makes off camera flash so much EASIER- I have tried all sorts of setups and couldnt get it setup fast enough or smooth enough to work with my flow. These actually work. and yes its $500 but you can use your flashes and makes your own equipment work for you instead of having the exact little widget to make it work.

Suzanne Silva

Instructions would have been nice

I tried out my two kits that I purchased this weekend. I love the simplicity of it all, However, I struggled to get a few things figured out. They really did think of ways to make this easy , I just wished there were directions included. It took me a bit of time to get it assembled. Even the most simplistic instructions could have helped. I am excited to use them again.


I think this is a great idea. I will be rolling this up to our Product Development team. Thank you for the great idea.



I'm amazed by other reviewers. For that kind of money you expect that all is included. I think $500 is a lot of money. Why is it $500?


Hello Rick, Thank you for taking the time to review the MagBox 24" Octa Pro Kit. We do learn a lot from each review. It sounds like you didn't get what you were expecting, and that would be frustrating. What was missing or what do you think was going to been included in the MagBox Pro Kit? The price is based on many factors. Some of those are development, production, shipment, and support. We take the value of our product very seriously and want to provide not only a great product but also great service. If you would like to reach out to our customer care team, we would love to help you. Mention this review and we can get started on troubleshooting next steps.

Toshi Tazawa

Innovative Best Soft Box Modifier on Market

MagBox does all that it claims. From the Focus Diffuser to its quick setup, there's simply no other softbox kit on the market that does what this does. Coupled with MagMod's stellar customer service, you really can't go wrong with this setup. I backed the Dual Pro Kit on their IndieGoGo Campaign and I'm very happy that I did. The only disappointment I have to date is its kit bag. While its design is also innovative, the build material and quality are not remotely heavy duty as what it is designed to contain. Just within less than one month of use (five sessions), the fabric strap has stretched out considerably, both end caps have worn out rapidly to a point where the very thin substrate covering the cushioning material have scraped off and the main tube has shown fraying on the seams. At this point, I doubt the bag will last 6 months—not ideal as the MagBox will be cumbersome to transport without this bag. I just expected more in terms of ruggedness given my experience about MagMod's products so far (I own everything in their product line).


Love it... but

I love everything about this new kit. But I do agree with first comment that some grips would of been nice to include. They just assumed we all had a bunch of grips already I guess. I mean come on... ya can't do nothing with this with no grips so why not complete the package and added the grips?? Besides that it seems very durable and easy to use. I love the organization the bag has and all it holds. Unfortunately I have not gotten to try it out yet as I NEED TO BUY GRIPS still. :(

Dareon Milllar

Confused and Disgruntled

Why is it that I have to further purchase mag grips to get the magbox set to be fully functional. Why isn't there a set with all these things included? Why is it that you want 500 dollars from me and can not add a mag grip for that same price. This was not how the launch videos were advertised, this is very disgruntling for a first-time customer such as myself

One Big, Happy Family

MagBox products integrate seamlessly with the rest of your MagMod gear. So go ahead and try things you've never tried before: stack up rigid gels, stack multiple modifiers or switch deftly back and forth between large and small light sources. Nailing the perfect image—and knowing you can do it quickly and easily without fail—unlocks a whole new world of creative confidence.

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The MagMod Satisfaction Guarantee

MagMod is backed up with a no-nonsense 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you do not enjoy your purchase, please return it in its original condition for a full refund.

MagMod is also covered by a Limited Warranty.