Professional Flash Kit

Softer light, every time
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MagMod’s Professional Flash Kit has everything you need to create epic images quickly and easily. Control or diffuse light like a boss with a collection of our most popular modifiers and gels.

*Includes MagGrip, MagSphere, MagBounce, MagGrid, MagGel and Creative Gels.


What's included

  • 1MagSphere
  • 1MagBounce
  • 1MagGrid
  • 1MagGel
  • 1MagGrip
  • 1Creative Gels

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Best starter kit

Best starter kit, it took me a little bit to adjust to using these products, but now I won’t leave home with out them. Controlling the amount of light and being able to defuse and soften your flash is true blessing. Do it right the first time and you’ll have less to edit, super happy with this purchase and will be purchasing another kit.

Dan Dunnum

Excellent Starter Kit

I have not done a lot with flash in my photography. In the past few months, I have been doing more and more. When it came to modifiers I decided to simply start with this MagMod kit out of the gate and I have not been disappointed. I also am impressed with the gels. They are really durable hard material instead of the normal stuff I have tried. Very nice and should last a lifetime. I have been using the sphere and bounce mostly. I love both. It is easy to set up and easy to mount. It works great on my Nikon SB-800. It is a bit heavy on my Yongnuo. I do have to be a bit more careful using the Yongnuo.


So easy to light up!

I've always bounced my light against the ceiling or the wall and you know how that affects the pictures especially if the walls or ceilings are colored. I also use 40x40 softbox sometimes when i have some space. After much consideration and reading plenty of reviews, i decided to purchase the professional and the starter kit. I have a few TT685 and AD200. After a few shoots using magmods, I'm convinced that these modifiers have changed the way my pictures turn out. i no longer have to bounce my light against the colored walls. The result is magnificent! Given the size of these modifiers, they fit perfectly in my bag and are easy to carry. They also do not take up much space at the weddings or events i shoot at. They have definitely made my shoot a lot more enjoyable and fun! I'm looking forward to buy the magbeam kit next! Thanks magmod team for this great invention!


My life needed MagMod

One of my most favorite orders of the year! Super easy to use and very easy to get creative with gelling the lights. Used MagMod to shoot a wedding and reception. Couldn't be more pleased! An absolute must for any photographer.

Linda Carroll

Love my MagMod

I recently bought this set and have used it a variety of settings. The more I use it, the more I love it. The results have been great. I had a different type of light modifier, but it didn't allow me to go vertical! The way this is configured allows you to go to vertical or horizontal. When I add more gear, will be getting more.

Ben Moser

This will change my portraits and events!

This MagMod kit honestly has impressive variety and modularity. It's easy to swap or stack extra gear. The items are a little heftier than you might imagine if you don't own and MagMod products yet, but it's clear that the weight is in the magnets and that holding power comes in handy. I plan to invest in more MagMod accessories for additional speedlights for more creativity in the future now that I've seen the versatility of this set.

The MagMod Satisfaction Guarantee

MagMod is backed up with a no-nonsense 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you do not enjoy your purchase, please return it in its original condition for a full refund.

MagMod is also covered by a Limited Warranty.