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Transform your flash, instantly.

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The MagBounce is a gorgeous bounce modifier that has been stripped down to it’s simplest, most functional form. We carefully designed it to not only be beautiful, but calculated to deliver the softest light with the highest output.

Quality Guaranteed

MagMod is backed up with a no-nonsense 
90 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you do not enjoy your purchase, please return it in its original condition for a full refund.

MagMod is also covered by a 
Limited Warranty.


Larger light.
Smaller package.

Sleek but powerful, the MagBounce delivers the softest light with wide flash coverage. It increases the apparent size of your flash by 300%, and its white silicone texture diffuses light without significantly decreasing output like other modifiers.

It’s basically a small softbox that fits in your pocket.

360 degrees of awesome.

Direct light exactly where you want it. Via the awesome power of magnetism, you get 360 degrees of rotation in 4 different configurations.

You also get the flexibility to shoot in both landscape and portrait orientations.
Cool beans, right?

Together forever.

Thanks to its durable material and universal compatibility, the MagBounce is one investment that grows with you as you grow your business.

It fits on virtually any size flash (courtesy of the MagGrip, the core of MagMod’s system)—including AlienBee strobes.

It’s not magic. It’s magnets.

Four freakishly strong neodymium magnets embedded in the MagBounce eliminate all of your headaches: They’re ninja-quiet. They never weaken. And they attach instantly.

With magnets, you can change modifiers quicker than you can say “abracadabra.”

Hey, good lookin’.

Made from a solid piece of durable silicone, the MagBounce squishes into even the smallest corner of your bag.

When you’re ready to use it, just pop it back open. This design is a thing of beauty.

In The Box

• (1) MagBounce
• (1) Microfiber Carrying Pouch

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Magnets Damage My Camera Gear?

Will magnets damage my camera gear?

In as few words as possible, we can confidently say: ABSOLUTELY NOT.
But to make you feel a bit more comfortable about the idea of having powerful magnets around sensitive electronics, we made a video showing you how magnets are completely safe around flashes, cameras, memory cards, radio transmitters, and other sensitive electronics we use everyday as photographers.



To further prove that our magnets won’t harm the vast majority of your electronic equipment, we ran the same test against our iPhone and Macbook.  The iPhone and Macbook both have solid-state hard drives, which is the same type of storage as your CF and SD memory cards.  As long as your electronic devices are using solid-state media, your electronics are going to be just fine around magnets.  In fact, most smartphones and tablets today have magnets inside if the devices themselves!


We do want you to be aware of certain types of electronics that should definitely be kept far away from all types of magnets, including:

  • older spinning hard drives
  • credit cards
  • older televisions
  • speakers
  • and most importantly, pacemakers.
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Please be aware that if you do not complete the payment process with PayPal, your order will be marked as pending in our system, and we will not ship out your order until you have completed the payment process.  If you think your payment via PayPal was not completed correctly, please check your order status and finalize the payment.

How Can I Get Free Shipping?

Free Shipping is available for every order shipped to a USA address that is over $100.  Thats it!  If you have not yet reached our Free Shipping cut-off, the shopping cart will inform you if you need to purchase more MagMod swag in order to qualify for free shipping.

44 reviews
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I found myself skipping umbrellas and softboxes because I like to move lightly and quickly. Now I bring modifiers everywhere I bring my camera.


It change how I shoot and the quality of my work change for the greater. I was able to control light in ways I could never imagine. I can’t wait to get the entire kit


I was frustrated with fighting umbrellas and large softboxes on even slightly windy days. No more! This bounce solves all those problems, plus it holds firm to the flash via a MagGrip and gives great looking light. Forget about sandbags and softboxes and grab a few of these and just cram them in your bag. Don’t worry, they won’t be damaged, they like being warm in there.

Michael Jin

Raise your hands if you remember the days of rubber banding an index card (or, in a pinch, a business card) to your speedlight for bounce flash. With most speedlights now coming with their own built-in bounce card, those days are largely gone and I can definitely say that I don’t miss them at all.

So why bother getting the MagBounce when your flash likely already has a built-in solution? Simple. Efficiency and quality.

I can drone on and on about how easy this thing is to put on and take off, but if you’ve perused the site some, you already know that. So on the point of efficiency, I’ll hit on something that’s always bothered me about bounce cards: you waste a lot of your speedlight’s power. When you’re lighting a subject, your ultimate objective is to… LIGHT THE SUBJECT. Of course, we want a soft, diffuse light (hence, the bounce), but think about the shape and surface area of a bounce card combined with the light spread of your flash and you’ll quickly see my gripe. In a traditional setup, a lot of your light just scatters throughout the room rather than going in the general direction you intend it to. The consequences of this are two-fold. You get a weaker light on your subject and if you crank up the flash power to compensate for that, you end up with reduced battery life, longer recycle times, and higher odds of your speedlight overheating when you REALLY don’t want it to. All in all, you end up with inefficiency.

The MagBounce in its shape and surface area is designed to maximize the efficiency of your speedlight while maintaining the diffuse quality you want from using a bounce card. It directs far more light where you actually want it to go, which means that you can save power, shoot longer, and have better results than with the classic setup. On top of that, it just looks way better and more professional than walking around with a rubber band and index card on your speedlight or pulling out that little built-in bounce card. I don’t care what people say, but style points count for something and if you can have better performance while AT THE SAME TIME, look better doing it, then that’s like having your cake and eating it, too. (On a side note, why would you buy a cake if not to eat it?)

I briefly touched on the quality bit above because it directly tied into the efficiency and design of the MagBounce, but I also find that the quality of my lighting is simply so much better while using the MagBounce. If it makes any sense, I imagine it has to do with the shape and increased surface area creating a better directionality for that bounced light. In short, it simply directs the light much better and helps you control the results more while at the same time, continuing to avoid the harsh lighting of direct flash. Also in regard to quality, I love the built of the MagBounce. It’s pliable so as to save space in your bag, but at the same time, you feel that it’s actually quite a robust product that made to last. That’s a difficult balance to really nail down, but I think MagMod has hit it out of the park in this department.

If you’re looking to elevate your bounce flash game, get yourself a MagBounce ASAP. You won’t regret it, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll wonder how the hell you’ve managed to live without it as the memories of all of the nonsense solutions you’ve used in the past come flooding back in PTSD fashion the first time you actually use the MagBounce.

April Booher

Hands down the easiest and best light modifier I have used!

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