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MagGrid XL 20

MagGrid XL 20

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  • Easily eliminate unwanted light spill
  • Stackable design
  • Strong neodymium magnets
  • Made from Durable silicone
  • Works with Reflector XL or MagRing 2
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Product Details
All about the MagGrid XL 20
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All about the MagGrid XL 20
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The Same Awesome Product — Now Bigger And Better

Inspired by our best-selling MagGrid for speedlites, the MagGrid XL 40 and 20 offer unparalleled ease of use, extreme durability, and amazing light control that discerning photographers demand.

How it works

Multiple Options, Tighter Control

Our best-selling MagGrid 2 reinvented for larger strobe flashes with the same high-quality magnetic modular silicone rubber design—now with 2 beam angles for greater control over your light control. The MagGrid XL makes unwanted light spill a thing of the past while giving you incredible durability, versatility, and portability.

Durability Refined

Designed with industrial-grade silicone rubber, the MagGrid XL can be squished, scrunched, or even run over with a car—it won’t chip or break like traditional metal or plastic grid designs

Before After

See it in Action

Instant Smooth Attachment

With a MagGrid XL on your strobe flash, you can instantly eliminate light spill and control beam angle in a flash. It's fast, quiet, and totally awesome. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the only Grid XL Size?

We also offer a Grid XL 40 for a 40º Beam.

*Pro Tip: You can stack two Grid XL 40's or two Grid XL 20's for a tighter beam!

Shot with MagGrid XL 20

MagMod gives you the tools to elevate your photography to the next level. See what our customers have shot using the MagGrid XL 20

Shot by Breanna Shaw with Grid XL
Shot by Daniel Nydick with Grid XL
Shot by Toni Darcy with MagGrid XL
Shot by Toni Darcy with MagGrid XL and CTO Dome Gel
Shot by Adrienne Longo with Grid XL

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