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Starter Kit 2

Softer light, every time

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The MagMod Starter Flash Kit 2 includes our two most essential modifiers to help improve your on- or off-camera lighting quality in a flash. It includes the simple-to-use MagGrip 2, omnidirectional MagSphere 2 diffuser, and the precision MagGrid 2 for perfect light control.

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Includes (1) of each: 

• MagGrip 2

• MagSphere 2

• MagGrid 2

• Microfiber Pouch


MagMod 2 modifiers work best when used together, but are compatible with original MagMod modifiers.

What's included

  • 1MagGrip 2
  • 1MagGrid 2
  • 1MagSphere 2

MagGrip 2

The new and improved MagGrip 2 makes for lightning-fast and secure modifier...

MagGrid 2

Molded from a single piece of...

MagSphere 2

The MagSphere 2 instantly shapes your flash into a soft, omni-directional bare-bulb...

Fast, Easy Attachment

MagMod’s patented magnetic modular design makes for lightning-fast and secure flash modifier changes. Stack multiple modifiers to really customize your light control setup.

MagSphere Diffuses Light Beautifully

  • Instantly transform the harsh light of your flash into a soft, omni-directional, bare-bulb light source.
  • Increases the size of your light-emitting surface by over 250% for a softer glow over a bigger area.
  • Lose less than one stop of light, versus 2-4x times the amount of light loss from other modifiers.
See the difference
MagSphere 2 MagSphere 2
+ MagGrid 2

Round Head Optimized

Newly redesigned and optimized for round-head flashes, MagMod 2 modifiers works with a variety of mixed flash brands so you won’t need to upgrade all of your modifiers when you move up to a different size flash.

Strong Magnets

The new MagGrip 2 features increased magnetic strength compared to previous versions. With the MagGrip 2 on your flash, you can say goodbye to noisy velcro, sticky adhesives and weaker modifier designs thanks to MagMod’s super fast, secure, and perfectly optimized magnetic flash modifiers.

Universal Fit

Newly redesigned and optimized for round-head flashes, the MagGrip 2 features a flexible silicone band that stretches across almost any hotshoe flash.

Almost 50% Lighter!

The MagSphere 2 is part of an entire redesign to reduce size, decrease weight, and be better optimized for new round-head flash designs without sacrificing any of MagMod's modifying magic.

The newly redesigned MagSphere 2 is now almost 50% lighter, which is really noticeable when shooting long events with heavy on-camera flash use. It is so light that it almost feels like it’s not even there!

Modular Modification

MagMod modifiers were design to be modular, giving you greater ability and flexibility to modify increase your flash control quickly.

Combine the MagBounce 2 with MagMod Pro Gels for extreme customization of your flash setup!

Durability Defined

Each MagMod 2 modifier was designed to take a beating! Slam it on the floor, shove it deep within your bag, heck, run it over with your car—MagMod 2 modifiers will last much longer than you will.

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Nicole C.
United States United States

A MUST for anyone interested in modifying their flash, or playing with off camera flash!

Here's the thing: A flash as a regular flash is pretty boring. You can bounce it off walls. You can use it direct. You can use the fill card. That pretty much sums it up. This kit opens up a WHOLE world of possibilities from being able to soften the light with the sphere and control the spill of the light with the grid. It changes the character and quality of a simple and often inexpensive speedlight. I never leave home without these three things (plus the magshoe2). It'll separate you from all of the other photographers that are just shooting natural light only. It's also wildly fun experimenting with the light! They're high quality products that are so much more convenient than the cheaper and crappier alternatives. Highly highly highly recommend.

Bruce F.
United States United States

Love the New Magod

Sorry to be song long in writing a review. Instant shipping. Absolutely love it. I had a Gary Fong diffuser, and when I put the MagMod on and used it, I threw the other brand in the trash. Revolutionized my flash photography. Keep up the great work. Just go ahead and get one, you will love it. Thanks, B

jay d.
United States United States

Clean Flash diffuser

Nice flash diffuser. Light weight.

Michael G.
United States United States

Fits on my Godox V1 (just barely).

Admittedly, I have some weakness n my hands (I’m 75), and I struggled to get the Mag Grip 2 all the way on. Once the Mag Grip 2 was securely in place, everything worked perfectly.

mark g.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

A better kit all-round

I have been using the original Magmod system pretty much from its inception. The new improvements on the V2 are subtle but worth it. The whole product range feels better, stronger and yet smaller and lighter. I love that the gels are now magnetic rather than slide in (mine got scratched and lost quickly). The only downside being in the UK is no store had stock and I got stung for an extra £50 import duty :(

Aldrin G.
Mexico Mexico

excelente producto

estoy super contento con los resultados del producto


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