Professional Flash Kit 2

 Professional Flash Kit


Unleash the power of flash photography with the MagMod Professional Flash kit. Check out what’s inside this popular kit.

The MVP is the MagSphere 2, a revolutionary diffuser that transforms your flash into a soft, omnidirectional light source. Whether used on or off camera, the MagSphere 2, diffuses light beautifully and efficiently. The new MagSphere 2 is 40% lighter than its award-winning predecessor and is virtually indestructible, just like most MagMod products!

The MagGrid 2 is another essential tool, allowing you to shape and control your light with precision. If you have used grids on your flashes before, you know this modifier is important to have in your kit. With a 40-degree beam pattern, it eliminates unwanted light spill and can even be stacked with additional MagGrids for an even tighter beam.

The brand new MagMod Pro Gels are a work of art, making balancing color temperature a breeze. The new rigid polycarbonate gels are faster and stronger than ever, thanks to the embedded magnet design and increased strength. They are built to last a lifetime, virtually indestructible and shatterproof. If you have ever fussed with taping or velcroing gels to your flashes you are in for a treat. If you missed those days and the MagMod Pro Gels are the first gels you have used on your flash, thank your lucky stars someone pointed you on the right path early in your flash career.

The MagBounce 2 is the ultimate bounce modifier, diffusing and increasing the size of your bare flash. The new MagBounce 2 is 30% lighter than before making it perfect for events, outdoor weddings, and large group photos. The magnets make it easy to configure your light in four different configurations. The best way to explain it, is that it's like a small soft box that fits in your pocket, increasing the apparent size of your flash by 300% for beautiful, even light with the highest output.

Last but certainly not least is the MagGrip 2. It’s the magic behind MagMod. A patented universal magnetic band that attaches MagMod modifiers to your flash with ease. The durable silicone band fits tightly over almost any flash, even roundhead flashes like the Profoto A1 or Godox V1, and the strong neodymium magnets make modifier changes fast and easy.

How easy - check out this out!

The MagMod Professional Flash Kit is a MagMod top-seller for a reason. It includes all the core flash modifiers that every photographer needs, and with MagMod, you'll work faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. It's no wonder that many of the world's best photographers trust in MagMod.

Fast, easy and awesome - that’s MagMod.


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