Starter Kit 2

As a professional photographer, I always look for tools that make my job faster, easier, and more efficient. The MagMod Starter Kit 2 ticks all of those boxes and more! First, let me share what I love about it, but ultimately you'll want to experience it yourself. 

 The Starter Kit 2 is designed to revolutionize your flash photography with three key MagMod components, the MagSphere 2, MagGrid 2, and MagGrip 2



The MagSphere 2 is a flash diffuser that quickly transforms your light source into a diffused omnidirectional beam. This makes it the ideal solution for on-camera or off-camera, delivering results you'll love every time. Made from silicone, the MagSphere 2 is 40% lighter than its predecessor and virtually indestructible, making it the perfect choice for photographers who demand quality and durability.

 The MagGrid 2 provides ultimate control over the light from your flash. It shapes the light into a precise 40-degree pattern, eliminating unwanted spills and making it easier to control the direction of your light. Photography is all about light, and using the MagGrid allows you complete control to paint with light exactly where you want it. This tool is perfect for photographers who wish to fine-tune their lighting and take their flash photography to the next level.

 Finally, the MagGrip 2 is a patented universal magnetic base that makes attaching flash modifiers a breeze. Its durable silicone band fits tightly over almost any flash, even roundhead flashes. At the same time, the freakishly strong neodymium magnets allow hassle-free modifier changes. This makes the MagGrip 2 an indispensable tool for photographers who demand quick and easy setup and tear down. After putting one on your flash, you'll wonder why you didn't make this move much earlier. It's so convenient. 

 How easy - check out this out!

With the MagMod Starter Kit 2, photographers have access to everything they need to create amazing flash photography. This essential kit provides excellent value and offers versatility, convenience, and quality, making it an ideal choice for photographers of all levels. Whether an experienced pro or starting out, you can't go wrong with the MagMod Starter Kit 2. 

In conclusion, the MagMod Starter Kit 2 is the ultimate photography accessory kit for anyone looking to elevate their flash photography skills. It offers unbeatable convenience, control, and quality, making it the perfect choice for photographers who want to work faster, easier, and more efficiently.

 So, why wait? Invest in the MagMod Starter Kit 2 today and experience the magic of MagMod for yourself!


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