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Posted by Jason Vinson on

5 Steps to Creating Interesting Light With MagMod

When it comes to learning off-camera flash, most people throw their light on a stand, place it at a standard 45-degree angle to their subject, and then that remains their go-to setup for the rest of all time. Not because there are no other great ways to light a subject,...

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Posted by Scott Hubbard on

On Location Pet Portrait Photography (and Do-Gooding!)

Me and pet portrait photography go way back. Once upon a time, I tried to make my 6-year old “Chi-Weenie”, Gracie, Instagram-famous. It just felt right. (For me, anyway. Not so much for Gracie, who now runs away every time she sees my camera.) Here are some of Gracie's greatest...

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Posted by Aaron Tremblay on

Flash Photography in Tight Spaces

In the heart of the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by ancient saguaro cacti and majestic mountains, lies a city. A city filled with a melange of human life, animal life . . . and hot dogs. While Tucson is known for many gastronomic delights, the most beloved is probably the spicy “Sonoran Dog.” Our friends at You Sly Dog...

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Posted by Sam Hurd on

How the MagBox Reignited My Love of Off Camera Light

I’ve always been obsessed with magnets. Ever since Apple implemented the Magsafe charging connector and their Macbooks (RIP), I’ve tried to think of helpful ways to add magnets to all sorts of things in everyday life. I’ve got a magnet hack for my Peak Design bag (See Post Here); I use magnets to mount...

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Posted by Pye Jirsa on

3 Dramatic Lighting Setups Using the MagBox

We wanted to see just how versatile of a look we could achieve with the MagBox so we put it through its paces to create these dramatic portraits. These images were created for our Lighting 3 Course (special discount for the MagMod Community at the end of the article!) which is...

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Posted by Trevor Dayley on

What are the differences between the MagBox vs MagSphere?

Two of the most popular MagMod modifiers are the MagBox and MagSphere. The question often pops up regarding the difference between each. So while on a shoot with our model Mary, I decided I’d take a few shots with each modifier in the exact same position so we can see...

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Posted by JD Fitzgerald on

How I Shot It: Single-Flash Wedding Portraits with Nicole Chan

MagMod Ambassador Nicole Chan is an amazing wedding photographer based out of Boston, Massachusetts. She's an international award winner and one of Boston's most sought after photographers. In this episode of "How I Shot It," Trevor Dayley chats with Nicole about five images that she created using MagMod modifiers. Watch the Episode...

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Posted by JD Fitzgerald on

3 Tips On Using A Single Speedlight For Portraits with Justin Haugen

It’s a great time to be a photographer interested in off-camera flash photography. The availability of options is at an all-time high and there are several viable third party brands that have more feature offerings at a lower price point than first party models. Still, with all these strobes and multi-purpose lighting

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Posted by Chris Fedo on

Come see us at WPPI!

We’re stoked to be back at WPPI in Booth #1157! We’re bringing the brand new MagBox System, and it’s available in limited quantities at discounted expo-only pricing. HOLLA! That’s right: the world’s most radically awesome softbox is here! 2,292 backers pledged over $900,000 to help fund the MagBox on Kickstarter...

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