Fast. Easy. Awesome.

Here at MagMod we believe photographers can be their best and produce their best work when they're not worried about their gear.

So we created the Easiest, Fastest, Strongest, and Simplest flash modifier system on the market.

How It Works

A Modular, Magnetic Ecosystem

Make controlling, coloring, and modifying you light easier than ever.

Customer Reviews
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Customer Reviews
1 of 2

MagBoxes are a must have for headshots

"MagBoxes are a must-have for any photographer looking to up their headshot game, whether you're working in a studio or on location."

Carlos Chavez

Best. Flash. Mods. Ever. Period.

"If you have to work quickly and efficiently, MagMod is your best (and only) option for flash modifiers."

Jesse & Moira La Plante

Shot with MagMod

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